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Anil Vinnakota, Regional Manager at ZOTAC International discusses some of the trends in the gaming PC gaming sector and Zotac’s product focus

Please elaborate the outlook for PC gaming market?
Year on year, the gaming industry is evolving. For the next couple of years, we are likely to see healthier growth. New gaming hardware, new game launches and acceptable price points are some of the driving factors for the continued industry growth.

Which markets of the region are showing key growth trends?
We are seeing the growth across the Middle East countries. Compared to the previous years, customers have more choice for hardware with better pricing and multiple games options

Discuss Zotac’s product portfolio – are these products solely focused around gaming PC market? ZOTAC has two product lines which are VGA & mini PCs and these cater to Gaming industry, digital signage and corporate sector.

Elaborate on the mini PC focus? How many models are offered and are they sold through channel/retailers?
ZOTAC is the first company to launch the mini PCs segment. Though other players entered into this industry off late, still, ZOTAC mini PCs offers multiple options to meet the requirements of different customer base. ZOTAC offers three series in Mini PCs. The passive series of mini PCs are fanless and are ideal for harsh environment. The EN series come with dedicated graphics and are ideal for gaming and designing industry. The Pico series is the thinnest computer for space constraint environment like Digital Signage.

How successful has been the VR backpack mini pc in the region?
It has been seeing steady demand. In the Middle East, we are seeing more demand from the visual designers than the gamers. However, the number of game options for this product segment from third party providers is still quite limited.

Elaborate on your distribution strategy and channel focus?
ZOTAC believes in their distributors and ensures that they are well-equipped in positioning the products. We help our distributors in expanding their customer breadth & revenues year after year.

Discuss about the GPUS- which have been the latest launches? How are these differently positioned? GTX 10 series is one of the successful product launches from NVIDIA. Though, they launched the 10 series some time ago, due to its right clock speeds and clear differentiation between the segments, all the SKUs are doing well