Security Code partners with Al Hosani Computer


Security Code, an international information and infrastructure security company, announces
the signing of a partnership agreement with Al Hosani Computer LLC, multi-vendor supplier
of information security products. As an authorized distributor, Al Hosani Computer
introduced the products of Security Code in the countries of the Middle East and Africa at
GITEX 2017

Security Code solutions meet the information security legal standards as well as modern international information security standards in areas of identity and authentication management, privilege and access management, malware protection, intrusion detection & prevention, media protection & device control, log management & analysis. Customers will be able to purchase three main Security Code products, listed below, through Al Hosani
Computer LLC as the authorized distributor, providing total protection for endpoints and virtual

Secret Net Studio – complete solution for workstation and server protection on several levels: data,
applications, network, OS and computer peripheral equipment. Centralized management provides
simple setup up and support of all protection subsystems, significantly reducing operating costs.

vGate – solution providing full protection for VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization
platforms. The product is designed to ensure control of virtual devices and components, environment
changes and data integrity control.

Secret MDM – solution provides corporate mobile device management and data protection on
smartphones and tablets. Allows setting of corporate security policies for mobile devices, remote
installation of mobile applications on employee devices, protect calls and messages from competitors
and external intruders.

“Our partnership with Al Hosani Computer LLC will allow key customers of the Middle East and Africa to
become acquainted with the concept of ‘imposed security’ which forms the basis for our products and is
unique for this region. As a result, customers will be able to obtain the most modern and reliable
solutions for information and infrastructure protection. We see the huge market potential and we are
ready to cooperate with customers from banking sector, government bodies, educational and
healthcare organizations. We are convinced that cooperation with Al Hosani LLC will be productive and
allow our companies to take information security to a new level in this region.“, said
Security Code’s CEO, commenting on the launch of the partnership.