A transformation in the making


We are into an era of ‘digital transformation’ as numerous technologies shape our personal and professional lives. As AR (augmented realities) and AI among others come to the forefront in terms of wider applications across different verticals, shaping the way services are delivered, whether in healthcare or in hospitality, in education or in public services, the world as we know, will transform further. The wheels of change now have an unstoppable momentum.
Across the spectrum, manufacturers are searching for new opportunities and trying to expand frontiers as existing ones show a decline. As demand begins to taper off in traditional categories, there is a great possibility to expand around them with improved or improvised versions. Improved technologies can reinvigorate a category and sustain consumer or buyer interest as we see with the convertible in the PC category. Technology companies continue to stay committed to deliver better technologies and even entry level and mid-range products across many categories today feature rich functionalities, unlike in the earlier years.
The era of connected devices is upon us and greater collaboration at workplaces is being enabled by a host of enhanced communication technologies. Similarly, in our daily lives, greater interactive shopping for instance would be enabled by AR enabled digital signage for instance or perhaps even an AI enabled shopping assistant. Enabling all these front end technologies would be the backbone infrastructure, in the datacenters. There, as well, superior, modular, scalable and environment friendly technologies are replacing the old.
The transformation is across the end to end spectrum of technologies and GITEX Technology Week, as always, will give us a very good glimpse into what is on offer in the market. A large number of leading manufacturers and partners will showcase latest technologies at this year’s edition and the focus will be on this innovations that are redrawing the frontiers of Technology.