AppCentrix makes Middle East debut


South Africa based managed ICT Services Company; AppCentrix has announced its expansion into the Middle Eastern market. They have signed a distribution agreement with ExtraHop, who provide real-time IT analytics for network performance management and security. AppCentrix’s aim is to benefit from the region’s growing need for better and competitively priced cyber security solutions. They will introduce a subscription-based managed services model that also drives strategic decision making by delivering data analysis for management insight.

Over the last three years, the Middle East is seeing managed security services gaining steady momentum. “Organizations have been keen to address their IT skills and resource constraints by employing the technical expertise of providers such as AppCentrix. However, they are also keen to engage with partners who have demonstrated commitment to the region as, after all, security is deeply rooted in trust,” explained Omar Sati, Executive Board Member at AppCentrix International.

The company has started their three-year plan for the Middle East. They wish to establish focus by gaining regional foothold by breaking into the leading IT markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. AppCentrix intend on working with leading local systems integrators and their customers to deliver real-time value through the managed services model. Omar Sati, has also stressed upon the company’s ambitions of partnering with key service providers to leverage the growing popularity of the cloud in the region.

AppCentrix works in close conjunction with ExtraHop along with other monitoring technologies, as they provide real-time analytics of networks, applications, video and voice systems. AppCentrix will also use its distributor status to offer all solutions within the vendor’s portfolio to customers across the Middle East, including ExtraHop Reveal(X), the vendor’s latest network security analytics product.

This new security analytics solution gives security teams much-needed insight into what’s happening within the enterprise while automating the detection and investigation of threats. It builds on enterprise-proven anomaly detection powered by wire data, By analysing all network interactions for abnormal behaviour and identifying critical assets in the environment, Reveal(x) focuses analysts’ attention on the most important risks and streamlines response to limit exposure.