ASBIS celebrates 25 years of partnership with Seagate


2017 marks the 25th anniversary of successful distribution partnership between ASBISc Enterprises PLC , an expert in the distribution of Information and Communications Technology products and solutions on EMEA emerging markets, and Seagate Technology PLC, a world leading manufacturer of storage solutions for enterprise systems, personal computers and video surveillance systems.

On June 12th, 1992, ASBIS signed a contract with Seagate to distribute Seagate’s data storage solutions. At that time, ASBIS was engaged in small-scale HDD production for countries of the former Soviet Union. The contract with Seagate was the first ever ASBIS’s distribution agreement with a global IT vendor.
Over the 25 years of trust-based partnership, ASBIS and Seagate together have met market challenges and celebrated gains and success, continually enhancing each other’s positions in the industry.

Since 1992, ASBIS has rapidly increased and developed the distribution of Seagate’s storage solutions across all countries of its presence, being the biggest Seagate’s distributor in the EMEA region over a number of years.

Seagate has repeatedly acknowledged the successful nature of the ASBIS-Seagate partnership by naming ASBIS “The most successful Seagate distributor in EE and FSU”, “#1 Distributor in the FSU”, “The best EMEA distributor of the year”, and “Fibre Channel Champion”.

“By joining forces, ASBIS and Seagate achieve considerable business results from their synergy, loyalty, and expertise. We are inspired by this lasting partnership with Seagate and proud to continue focusing on sales, marketing and channel development for Seagate’s storage and video solutions in the rapidly growing market segments,” said Anna Kiyavina, Seagate MPLM at ASBIS Enterprises PLC.

Sanja Horylova, Sales Director at ASBIS Middle East, who before had worked as Seagate PLM at ASBIS Enterprises PLC during eleven years, said, “Many years of cooperation with Seagate give us a confidence that we can clearly identify our joint vision, strategically design it, and always find a way to deliver it operatively. Looking from today’s perspective, the journey of mutual cooperation between Seagate and ASBIS require skills of learning and development, flexibility and innovation.

“Staying focused on sales vision and implementation of each step toward our goals are the ingredients of ASBIS business, which help us maintain a significant number 1 positon in the distribution of Seagate storage solutions in the EMEA region.”