Attivo Networks highlights self-learning Deception security solutions


Attivo Networks, the award-winning leader in deception for cyber security threat detection, today announced their participation at GITEX Technology Week 2016 to showcase the company’s innovative approach to cyber threat detection.
As business leaders continue to lay emphasis on the need to better protect company networks and information assets from growing risks of insider threats and cyber-attack, Attivo Networks is empowering organizations with deception based threat detection technology that dramatically increases the speed to detect, identify, and block threats inside the network. Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2018, 10 percent of enterprises will use deception tools and tactics, and actively participate in deception operations against attackers.
At the GITEX Technology Week 2016, Attivo Networks will come together with Starlink, a leading value-added distributor, to present the company’s industry leading range of innovations to help organizations deploy advanced deception technology as part of their continuous threat management strategies for early threat visibility, accelerated incident response and remediation.
Attivo Networks will showcase the all new Attivo Camouflage, break-through innovation in Dynamic Behavioural Deception, designed to create an authentic environment of decoys and lures that deceive an attacker into engaging and away from production assets. Security teams can use the solution’s automated self-learning technology to intelligently auto-discover, dynamically deploy deception, and assign other bait to further circumvent attacker detection. The solution is also designed to prevent attacker fingerprinting and respin decoys after engaging with an attacker to avoid attacker identification and evasion.
Experts from the company will also present in-depth insight on the industry leading ThreatMatrix Deception and Response Platform that is designed to enable real-time threat detection and attack forensic analysis in user networks, data centers and clouds. Enhanced to support the Industrial Control Systems (ICS-SCADA) and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems; the solution is designed to provide early detection of cyberattacks from all threat vectors including zero-day, stolen credential, ransomware and phishing attacks that are renowned for bypassing traditional prevention systems.
“The region has made ample advancements in strengthening its regional economy through diversification. As this emerging economy piques the level of interest among global investors, the region continuously evolves into a hotbed for cybercriminal activities, exposed to an unprecedented wave of new cyber risks that surface in a heterogeneous IT environment which consists of both physical and virtual assets,” said Ray Kafity, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Attivo Networks.
Since expanding its worldwide presence with an office in the Middle East earlier this year, Attivo Networks has embarked on an ambitious strategy. The company has focused on a number of learning and development initiatives in conjunction with Starlink, to help partners and customers across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa understand how deception can act as an effective defense inside the company’s network.
“Today, it is not enough to think about ‘if’ an attack happens. Organizations need to be aware of the skill and speed with which attackers modify tools and mechanisms to circumvent network defense systems. Attivo Networks deception technologies are designed to complement and enhance existing prevention technologies on the network, further strengthening an organization’s ability to combat the ever-changing landscape of attacks,” said Kafity.
Kafity concluded, “Our servers and services are deployed inside the network, with advanced self-learning and environmental customizations for authenticity to instantly detect the presence of attackers, identify their intent, and provide intelligence to stop the attack, in real time. Attivo Networks aims to help organizations to safeguard their organizations with deception-based tools and solutions and other cybersecurity requisites such as continuous threat response to close security gaps and develop a critical line of defense for detecting cyber attackers. We look forward to welcoming customers and partners at GITEX Technology Week 2016 to gain deeper insights on the effective use of our industry leading technologies to complement their existing security architecture.”
Attivo Networks will present its solutions at the Starlink Stand in Hall 1, D1-1 at the Dubai World Trade Centre from the 16th through the 20th of October, 2016.