Axis Exhibits Industry-leading Technology at Intersec 2023


Axis Communications is a global leader in the security and surveillance industry, they manufacture network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. Its product line comprises network cameras, video encoders, network audio systems, video management software, and related accessories. The company’s products are installed in public places and areas such as retail chains, trains, motorways, airports, universities, prisons, casinos, and banks. At Intersec, Axis Communications showcased a wide range of technologies. The Integrator engages with Andrea Sorri, Segment Development Manager Smart Cities EMEA at Intersec 2023

Discuss the latest Axis communication products for the enterprise-centric market.

We now have new cameras with improved image quality and increased edge capabilities for running analytics as a feature of the camera itself. These cameras deliver high-quality video surveillance and powerful deep learning-based analytics that run on the edge.

What solutions are you covering and showcasing at Intersec 2023?

Camera technology continues to advance regarding image quality and integration possibilities, so we are expanding our portfolio. We offer smart city solutions, products with effective cybersecurity features, and network audio solutions. And we are presenting our sustainability strategies addressing common challenges.

At Intersec 2023, we unveiled three new products:

  • AXIS P1468-XLE – The world’s first explosion-protected camera designed for Zone/Division 2 hazardous locations. This sturdy, fixed bullet camera offers an optimal solution for the relatively larger Zone/Division 2 areas of a hazardous location.
  • AXIS Q1961-TE – Dependable remote temperature monitoring camera. This halogen-free camera is ideal for addressing operational efficiency, as it allows users to monitor temperatures remotely and access smart filtering functionality that reduces false alarms.
  • AXIS A1610 and AXIS A1610-B – Scalable, customisable network door controllers. Plenum-rated AXIS A1610 Network Door Controller and its support model, the edge-based UL-recognised AXIS A1610-B Network Door Controller, have been optimised for small and large installations and are fully integrated within Axis end-to-end systems and supported by Axis partner solutions. Each device can store up to 250,000 credentials and 250,000 event logs to accommodate users’ evolving needs.

Discuss the focus and relationships Axis communication has with large enterprises in the middle east.

The enterprise business necessitates integrated solutions. We are concentrating on developing the simplest component that can assist consumers in integrating existing installations with new installations. That is also the focus of our SMEs.

Discuss your network cameras’ reach and demand.

The main focus of our technologies is to do more with less, which means our cameras will now offer more purposes and scopes. Traditionally, the cameras could only be used for public safety. We can now provide the same device for various other applications or cases, such as mobility, environmental monitoring, operational efficiencies, etc.

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