Bayt’s AI-Based Tools Make Talent Search and Recruitment Easier Than Ever

0 is a leading and award-winning job search platform in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Besides posting thousands of job vacancies daily, the web portal offers tools for employers to find the right candidate for the positions. Nauman Mian, Chief Financial Officer at responds to The Integrator’s questions on AI-based CV search, evolved recruitment process, and opportunities for SMEs to hire suitable candidates.

SMEs create opportunities and enable consistent talent movement in the UAE economy and elsewhere in the world. What role does play in facilitating these?

When it comes to hiring top talent, there are a lot of things to think about. Where to source CVs, how to write a job description, what steps should the recruitment process include, what tools to use to promote the job and attract candidates, and how much money should be spent on hiring.

Nauman Mian, Chief Financial Officer,

Small and medium enterprises can sometimes be limited on the resources they allocate towards recruitment, especially in difficult economic periods (like the current COVID-19 phase). That’s why introduced free job postings last year. The job posting initiative grants companies globally access to Bayt’s CV database of more than 40,000,000 and offers several new benefits for employers including:

  • Free employment advertising opportunities
  • Access to applicants’ profiles and unlimited CV views
  • The ability to instantly contact job applicants via phone number, email, and messaging
  • The ability to receive alerts every time a new candidate applies to the job
  • Access to automated screening filters to enhance the applicant matching process

We also offer different packages that are customized specifically for small businesses.

Speak about Bayt’s employer base and what makes the platform unique for employers, who wants to hire the right candidates?

At, technology has always been the core of our mission as a company. We constantly seek to provide effective tools and information to make it easier for employers to hire top talent. Because of this, we launched a revamped version of our CV Search technology using artificial intelligence (AI). CV Search, already used by over 40,000 employers, now delivers even speedier and more accurate hiring results.

With billions of data points available for employers, the new CV Search uses AI to effectively help employers conduct relevant searches. For instance, if an employer enters a search keyword such as “lawyer”, the system is smart enough to also look for other relevant job titles or skills automatically, such as “attorney”, “legal consultant”, and even “?????” (the Arabic equivalent to “lawyer”). This ensures that employers see all relevant CVs, and not just specific ones that use the exact keyword.

On top of that, the smarter CV Search automatically applies word corrections and understands unclear search terms. The system learns from itself to produce the most relevant candidates.

Moreover, employers can use our Job Postings tool to reach 10+ million monthly job seekers and receive instant auto-screened applicants.

Can you briefly explain the job posting plans that small businesses can utilize at Bayt?

We currently offer a low-cost package for small businesses which allows them to contact up to 10 candidates, post up to 3 jobs and search CVs for 150$ only per month. They can add on to the package by spending a little more.

Speak about the recruitment solutions offered by

Searching, screening, and hiring great employees using is very easy. We provide companies with several recruitment tools that are highly advanced and powered by artificial intelligence. also offers employers access to the largest database of CVs in the Gulf, the Middle East, and North Africa region (over 40,000,000 CVs).

Employers can access these hiring solutions to find great employees:

  • Job postings to advertise their vacancies and to receive many relevant applicants.
  • CV Search to find their ideal candidate from a large CV database.
  • Source2Hire to request assisted recruitment services from our talent sourcing experts.

Tell us about other value-addition programs that Bayt runs to keep employers and candidates intact? can also support companies’ hiring process through an applicant tracking system (Talentera), various talent assessments and testing tools (Evalufy), as well as an employee onboarding platform (AfterHire).

Talentera: A powerful recruitment solution and applicant tracking system that creates and powers attractive career portals. It’s a comprehensive system that provides companies with effective tools to manage their recruitment pipelines such as applicant tracking, interview scheduling, task management, requisition workflows, social recruiting, job marketing tools, dedicated recruitment agency modules, and recruitment analytics.

Evalufy: A video assessment platform. With this platform, companies across the world can streamline various stages of the recruitment and candidate screening processes through customizable, video-based assessments, all while reducing the time and cost of hiring. Instead of screening candidates through assessment centers, screening phone calls, or other traditional methods, organizations that are seeking to hire have the option of using video assessments with Evalufy.

AfterHire: A fully automated platform to revolutionize employee onboarding and engagement. This configurable platform is specifically built and designed using cutting-edge technology with the intention of revolutionizing the painstaking process of talent onboarding, and ensuring that newly hired talent is efficiently assimilated to the company and fully productive in their new job roles. AfterHire can be used by employers as a tool to reduce effort, time, and cost spent on manual and decentralized employee onboarding efforts.

What sorts of financial and administrative hurdles could a business overcome when choosing for recruitments?

We have many hiring solutions that support companies of all sizes, needs, and budgets. Our solutions include monthly small business subscriptions and even free hiring tools.

We understand that cost is an important factor in the recruitment process. That’s why all of our hiring technologies are designed to maximize ROI by giving companies plenty of choices, speed, and ease of use. We want to ensure employers can reduce the cost per hire at their company, which is why we work with them to understand their individual needs and provide them with the most cost-effective hiring plans.

Briefly tell us about the track record of success that obtained in these years was created in 2000 with the mission of empowering people with the tools and information to build their lifestyle of choice. Today, operates out of 12 offices with over 40 million professionals and over 40,000 organizations using our recruitment platform across all industry categories and career levels.

Over the years, we have won numerous awards of recognition, including the “Leading E-Commerce Website in the Pan Arab Region” by the Pan Arab Web Awards (2007), the “Company of the Year” award by the TECOM Investments Pearl Awards (2009), SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards (2011), and many more.

Yet, one of our core values as an organization is “Strive to be the best”, and we are constantly striving to do better and better by reaching every single member of the workforce and becoming a global provider of AI-powered recruitment solutions that take every business and organization from brand building to onboarding.

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