Check Point Introduces Malicious File Protection for Mobile Devices


Check Point, a cybersecurity-solutions globally, announces the availability of the cyber protection against mobile-related threats with a new version of Harmony Mobile that claims to prevent the download of malicious files. Harmony Mobile asserts to be the first mobile threat solution among the industry’s top leading vendors to prevent the download of malicious files to mobile devices. The release further extends Harmony Mobile with additional security capabilities including operating system vulnerability assessment, advanced mitigation capabilities on Samsung devices, easy-to-manage HTTPS inspection, and more.

Rafi Kretchmer, VP of Product Marketing at Check Point Software Technologies commented, “most mobile security solutions that are on the market today can only scan files that are related to the mobile operating system, such as apps and iOS profiles. This does not protect your mobile from other malicious file types such as executables, MS Office files, PDFs and more. As we are becoming more reliant on mobiles, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting them and so it has never been more important to have a robust mobile security solution that protects you from any type of file.”

According to Check Point Research (CPR), almost all organizations (97%) have faced mobile threats from all vectors over the last two years with one of the most overlooked vectors being file download.

An official release stated, “Harmony Mobile’s new File Protection works by leveraging Check Point’s Threat Cloud to scan downloaded files for malicious intent. If an intent is found, the download will be completely blocked, and the malicious file never reaches the device. On Android handsets, Harmony Mobile can also scan files in the mobile’s on-device storage and will alert both user and admin if any malicious file is found.”

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