Convert Raw Data Into Actionable Insights Using ManageEngine’s Analytics Plus


ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, offers real-time IT management tools to ensure optimal performance of enterprises’ IT infrastructure. Rakesh Jayaprakash, Product Manager at ManageEngine talks about the company’s new products and the Middle East strategies.

Walk us through the competencies of Analytics Plus launched by ManageEngine recently
We recently launched Analytics Plus in the cloud, complementing the on-premise version that has been available for several years now. Our solution addresses this by cutting down on the time taken to transform raw data into actionable insights. Analytics Plus connects to popular IT and business applications, generating detailed analysis with over 100+ reports in less than 5 minutes.

Besides auto-generating reports, Analytics Plus also interprets the reports and highlights key patterns or insights from them. This means all that is left for decision makers to do is take corrective action that combat highlighted inefficiencies or problems.

How does it help organizations in terms of improving their efficiency and profit?

Organizations put several processes and procedures in place to run day-to-day operations. However, these processes are hardly ever periodically checked for inefficiencies. By analyzing historical data, Analytics Plus can spot inefficiencies in operations and help organizations take corrective action.

Rakesh Jayaprakash, Product Manage – ManageEngine

During tough economic conditions, ensuring high levels of ROI on IT investments will be a key focus area for organizations. By automatically blending IT operations data with financial data, Analytics Plus can help CIOs and CTOs identify areas where resources are under-utilized, chart the viability of future investments, and ensure budgets are spent in the right areas which can create the most impact.

Describe the verticals of business, in which Analytics Plus can create a major impact.

The IT department now influences every aspect of a business, and yet ends up under-utilizing analytics. Analytics Plus is primarily focused on helping IT teams showcase their value to the business. With the help of out-of-the-box connectors, Analytics Plus plugs into IT tools, analyses the data, and offers quick insight. Data blending capabilities help organizations tie data points from various IT and non-IT tools for a unified analysis of data.

Briefly explain Ask Zia and its potential in generating user-specific insights

Ask Zia is an AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing) powered analytics assistant that can interpret questions in plain English and answer them in the form of reports. Users don’t have to know what fields to use to build reports, which is most often the biggest barrier non-technical users face. Users can ask questions such as “What is the expected growth in issues next month?” or “What time of the day do SLA violations usually occur?” and get instant answers.

Discuss ManageEngine’s Middle East strategies in the context of its participation at GITEX 2022

ManageEngine has been operating in the region for over 18 years now. We have been participating in GITEX since 2007. We have a good network of partners in the region to support the 1000s of customers we have in the region. Our objective behind participating in events such as

is to increase our opportunity to interact with our customers and prospects, understand the challenges they face in managing their IT and try to work with them to handle those challenges.

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