Digital Distribution Platform Hyke Helps B2B Parties Unlock Speed and Efficiency


Hyke, an app-based digital distribution platform, provides instrumental assistance, in-depth market research, real-time data visibility, and efficient communication tools to manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to help them connect seamlessly. The developers of the platform claim, “Hyke allows its users to get all the technology, supply chain infrastructure, and market reach they require in a few simple clicks or taps. In addition, the platform offers a substantial benefit for any supplier wanting access to this retailer base, as it currently has 10,000+ retailers and in-store employees from the merchants’ side.”

Other merits of the platform include:

  • Manufacturers get a bird’s-eye view of the entire value chain, real-time knowledge on sales, inventory, and market demand credit to retailers as well as support for maintaining quality of operations and data access across all markets
  • Distributors have access to complete market reach, real-time data insight, and last-mile credit with Hyke
  • Retailers with Hyke get benefits of a single location where they can access all suppliers and categories, simple ordering procedures, interact with customers and communicate, and pay without any hassle

Hyke has also launched its B2B Marketplace, which enables retailers to list and distribute their products using the Hyke App across UAE & KSA.

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