Updated : November 25, 2014 04:30  pm,
By Editor

Compact, flat pack design is easy to transport, assemble and install

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in maximising availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today announced the launch of its new family of modular rack units, InstaRack. This new family of racks offers a ready-to-assemble, flat pack design that minimises transport and storage requirements, resulting in reduced expenditure for the channel.
 The new flat pack family of products will include InstaRack LAN and InstaRack Server, with LAN units now available in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Server racks available from mid-December.
InstaRack LAN is designed specifically for networking and multilevel power distribution. This new rack unit provides high performance and unparalleled quality while offering exclusive features, such as the frameless architecture, that make it unique in the market. The ready-to-assemble InstaRack LAN rack is available in four standard size options, offering a strong and stable 19” structure with a 550 kg load carrying capacity that can be put together in just 30 minutes.
The second product from the InstaRack family, InstaRack Server, is designed specifically for data centres. This unit comes in 12 different rack sizes with an 800 kg loading rate. The server rack also comes with perforated front and rear doors for improved ventilation.
InstaRack branded products, including InstaRack LAN and InstaRack Server, offer end-users, such as network managers and data centre engineers, several key benefits.
With their compact flat pack design, InstaRack products significantly minimise storage resources and shipping expenditure. The flat pack design feature makes each unit an extremely assembly-friendly solution for restricted-access applications. With only a small number of parts and identical screw connections, the units can be assembled in just 30 minutes while at the same time, offering a high degree of stability;
The units’ innovative design eliminates the need for cable threading, helping to optimise cable management. Notably, the 800 mm wide top cover has entry points at the front, back and sides for flexible and simple cable management;
All InstaRack products are equipped with vertically separated side panels that are easily-installed and locked without using tools. The panels provide easy handling as well as fast, simple access to installed equipment.
“With its innovative flat pack design, the InstaRack family provides an answer to the channel’s demand for minimised storage and transport costs,” commented Dr. Peter Koch, VP engineering and product management, Racks and Integrated Solutions, Emerson Network Power in EMEA. “With mulitple sizes to choose from, and the easy to assemble frameless architecture, this new family of racks is an ideal solution for data centre managers looking for ways to reduce costs and improve their time capacity.”