Ensure Services: A Reliable IT Services Provider for Enterprises


Ensure Services, a Redington Group Company, is one of the largest IT Service Delivery networks with presence in over 26 countries. Ensure Services is the vendor-authorized, neutral service partner for over 28 IT brands in the Middle East and Africa region. In over 15 years, it tailored superior technology services for enterprises and consumers alike, helping them leverage the power of technology to its full potential, acting as a catalyst for growth.

Ensure Services also received accolades such as A1+ credit rating by CRISIL and ICRA. Some of its service offerings include infrastructure management services, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), repair services, data recovery, trade-in parts and care packs, and consumer services.

Author: Medhavi Kakkar, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager – MEA, Ensure Services, Redington Group

IT Infrastructure Management Services

The pandemic has speed fasted digital adoption and transformed organizations. This has also increased dependency upon the electronic devices that we use to connect with the world in the post-pandemic era. For organizations that cannot afford downtimes due to this increased dependency, Ensure Services has a robust offering of enterprise services that help reduce organizational downtime.

Other issues that may arise with IT dependency are, increased threat of advanced security threats, high maintenance cost, performance monitoring, and obsolete workflows. With 250+ certified technicians across 28 countries, Ensure Services offers regular preventive maintenance at competitive prices. They adopt fool-proof systems and processes to ensure glitch-free operations while protecting systems from unwanted security threats by running regular security checks for impending threats through any listed assets.

Data Recovery Services

One of the major IT threats is loss of data, but not all hope is lost even if your organization is not covered under an AMC. If there is a loss of data, Ensure Services’ state-of-the-art repair and data recovery labs, with the help of highly skilled data recovery technicians, will ensure that your lost data is recovered, if recoverable. They are skilled to recover data across various devices, such as hard drives, tapes, USBs, servers, and other storage devices.

Parts and Care Packs

Over the years, Ensure Services has also shared its expertise to empower its clients by providing them with genuine spare parts from vendors. This has led to another line of business that helps Ensure Services reach those in need of genuine spare parts for their IT and consumer units. Through this business, they not only provide batteries, motherboards, hard drives, and other IT spare parts, but also warranty extensions that may help you in reducing maintenance costs in the future.

 Consumer Services

Through all of this, the constant focus of Ensure Services has also been on the end consumers who may need a mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, or printer repair. As an authorized service provider for various brands, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Microsoft, it offers both, warranty and out-of-warranty services to customers. As a services organization, they have also identified other pain points of end consumers and, therefore, they have launched pickup and return services to help customers and enterprises get their units fixed in time and with ease.