Fortinet and Linksys Joint Venture Delivers First-of-its-Kind Secure Enterprise Solution


Fortinet, a leader in broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, and Linksys, a leader in wireless networking products, announce a new joint solution to enable enterprise organizations to support and secure work-from-home networks. Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet is claimed to be the first-ever enterprise solution to deliver secure network connectivity for both corporate and personal needs in one easy-to-setup unit optimized for business applications and collaboration tools, including Zoom.

“Our goal was two-fold. First, make it very simple for anyone to set up a fast and reliable home Wi-Fi network. Second, provide enterprise IT with the ability to secure and manage the business aspects of that work-from-home Wi-Fi network just as they do with any other device attached to the network,” says John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet

Harry Dewhirst, CEO at Linksys adds, “It’s clear that remote work is the future of work and we are not simply providing a solution to make it work. We are providing companies a way to enable employees to securely and safely connect to their work, thrive in remote environments, and operate with peak productivity and efficiency.”

The joint venture offers the following benefits of choosing their product:

 Fast, Reliable, and Secure Wi-Fi Mesh Connectivity: Enterprise IT teams can easily distribute the provision-free hardware to employees to replace their existing home router to establish both corporate and personal networks. With a blanket of mesh Wi-Fi coverage, employees can enjoy a consistent whole-home Wi-Fi connection, without worrying about a weak signal or dead spots.

Optimized for Zoom to Boost Team Collaboration: With a quality of service (QoS) networking technology that prioritizes and optimizes traffic for Zoom and other business collaboration applications, users can be confident that their meeting, webcast, or remote interview goes off without a hitch.

 Enterprise-grade Security from Fortinet: The solution is integrated with industry-leading Fortinet security to safeguard against cyber threats introduced by home networks and automatically blocks suspicious malware, prevents intrusions, and filters harmful content.

 Zero-touch Provisioning Simplifies Installation: The zero-touch provisioning solution streamlines the employee onboarding experience with simple plug-and-connect devices that don’t require physical assistance from corporate IT teams to install.

Simple Remote Management: An intuitive management console enables enterprise IT managers to monitor and diagnose the performance of all devices connected to the corporate network in real-time via a single portal.

Employee Privacy Protection: Protect remote employees’ privacy with support for multiple networks for separate personal use. While the corporate network is managed by the IT team, employees maintain complete ownership of the personal network and security settings.