House of Pops Attracts Attention at Gulfood with their 100% Natural and Vegan Pops


House of Pops focuses on clean and healthy eating. The company offers 100% natural, vegan pops made from real fruits and free from allergens and refined sugar. JNS Media International conducted an interview with Mazen Kanaan, co-founder and CEO of House of Pops at Gulfood, 2023 to discuss more about the company’s mission, products, and plans for the future.

How has your overall experience been at Gulfood?

This is my third time attending Gulfood and I must say that the experience has been really positive. With each passing year, we have been able to secure more space and we have noticed a steady increase in the number of attendees. This has been a source of great energy for us and has presented us with an excellent opportunity to connect with new partners and franchises.

What is the feedback from people at Gulfood this year?

The feedback this year has been positive. One reason for this may be that we have expanded our product range. In the past two years, we only offered sticks, but now we also have a scooping product and a new format which we call the bites. These additions have added a lot of value to our offerings, and people have taken notice. They appreciate that we now have a more comprehensive portfolio to offer, rather than just one product.

What are the main products that you are showcasing at Gulfood?

Apart from our popular sticks, we are also showcasing our new range of tubs that customers can take home and scoop from. Additionally, we have bites which are small, 10-gram portions of our delicious ice cream whipped in 72% single origin Madagascar chocolate. These are perfect for a satisfying and indulgent snack while at home watching a movie or simply enjoying some downtime. The snackable format of the bites has been well-received by customers.

How did you come up with the idea of House of Pops?

When I was researching the market, I noticed a gap in the ice cream market when it comes to health and wellness. There are plenty of options for snacks like cookies and drinks, but when it comes to ice cream, most products are high in fat and sugar. Given the growing interest in health and wellness, I felt there should be a healthier alternative available in the ice cream market. That’s how the idea for House of Pops was born.

Are you looking for any kind of collaborations?

Yes, we are open to collaborating with any business that shares our values and ethics regarding our brand and product. We are interested in exploring franchising opportunities, distribution partnerships, and trade approaches with big retailers. We are also open to private label and co-branding opportunities.

What are your plans for 2023?

Our plans for 2023 include expanding our distribution of the new range of bites and tubs. We also want to expand our presence in the GCC region by partnering with individuals or companies who can take our franchise across countries in the region. We will focus on innovation in terms of new and exciting flavors to add to our portfolio. That is where we will be bringing the new news.