IceWarp Committed to Strengthening its Presence in the MEA Region


IceWarp has been a global leader in developing email communication and collaboration solutions since 2001, with its headquarters situated in Prague. IceWarp has completely changed the way teams share information online and optimize business processes. It does this by providing a streamlined and seamless all-in-one collaboration platform that makes it easy for teams to work together on projects. The solution provides users with a brand-new set of apps that come complete with real-time collaboration tools, easy sharing options, and virtual office functions integrated into their email. This way, everything they need is available under a single login – Email, TeamChat, and Storage. The Integrator interviews Pramod Sharda, CEO, of IceWarp Middle East & India, at GITEX 2022.

How was your experience at the GITEX 2022?

It was a great experience, and we are delighted to share that many people came to the booth. We had a lot of demos and showcased our new version of the IceWarp Email Collaboration Solution, so it was essential for us to be here. I’m delighted with how things went down here at GITEX 2022. We increased our presence and showed people what IceWarp could do. So, we’re thrilled with how things turned out, and we will be making many new connections with our contacts here.

You are highlighting yourself as an alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook across markets; how do you see that playing out in the coming years?

At IceWarp, our enterprise email and collaboration tools are the perfect solutions for businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency in their workflows. Our unique trifecta of robust functionality, ease of use, and affordability make us a compelling choice. In every market, we have the same level of competition. This makes learning about the market and advancing our technologies much simpler. We know what technology to use and are familiar with the typical requirements. Our differentiators help set us apart; right now, they’re more important than ever in replicating success in every market.

What are your expansion plans in the Middle East?

We intend to open an office in Riyadh soon and are also looking to explore the potential markets in Egypt. We see fantastic potential in these two countries because IceWarp is a local cloud provider that offers enterprise email collaboration solutions. We want to strengthen our presence in Dubai and Saudi Arabia to reach more Middle Eastern countries. One of our goals remains to provide security-focused services within this region, including those offered online and on-site at customer locations. Our cloud platform solution provides storage space for organizations, distribution centers, and data center managers. That complies with Icewarp’s mission to help secure data, provide quality service, set new collaboration standards, and deliver it all through one solution.