ICS Defense-In-Depth Cybersecurity Offers Unbreakable Protection for Critical Infrastructures


Written by: Naman Taldar, Oregon Systems

The Industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is seemingly complicated as its stakes are high and the technology is sophisticated. The ICS cybersecurity is different from information technology (IT) cybersecurity, that security risk assessments are indispensable, and those cybersecurity discussions are littered with highly specialized terminology. So far, that leaves us where we started, with a seemingly complex problem.

Naman Taldar, Channel Sales Manager, Oregon Systems

But, does ICS cybersecurity really have to be so complicated? In theory, yes! But in practice, no!

From a practical perspective, you can begin building in a layered ICS security approach, often called defense-in-depth. Oregon systems’ architectural approach provides end-to-end visibility and protection from Level 0 to level 4 of the Purdue Model. Oregon Systems is the largest ICS /OT/IoT/IoMT value-added distribution company in the Middle East region with experience in implementing cyber security in several critical infrastructures. Our experience comes from 300+ implementations in sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear, power and water, chemical, utilities, medical, defense, and other large enterprises.

The primary goal of Oregon Systems’ defense-in-depth architectural design is to make the ICS network unbreakable. While perfect security is seldom achieved, the intention is to make it impossible for attackers that they never try or they abandon an attack after becoming frustrated with attempting to penetrate multiple layers of defense.

Critical infrastructures and other sectors are becoming the targets of cyberattacks, and they operationally require continuity, and protective assurance. Oregon systems, being a trusted partner of our channel partners and end customers, leverages our extensive skill set to secure their infrastructures in different ways.

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