Infoblox Networking and Security Predictions for 2022


Infoblox, an IT automation and security company based in California, USA, comes up with networking and security predictions for 2022. Following are the trends observed by Cricket Liu, EVP and Chief Evangelist and Ed Hunter, CISO, at Infoblox.

2022 Networking Trends from Infoblox by Cricket Liu, EVP and Chief Evangelist

  • There shall be increased use of DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) by malware because DoH provides an encrypted channel to the DoH server. DoH adoption is increasing and malware developers are more aware of it as a means to bypass security controls
  • ISPs and enterprises will deploy DoH defensively on their own DNS infrastructure (to prevent fallback to third-party DoH servers). Why now? DoH is a newer technology, relatively speaking. Being able to run your own DNS servers that support DoH is even newer
  • More iOS app developers will be running DoH servers to capture DNS telemetry from clients

2022 Security Trends from Infoblox by Ed Hunter, CISO

  • The move back to the office in 2022 will be a slow one, even as offices continue to re-open in 2022, with many employees preferring to work from home. So, making your security “location independent” is key. If you haven’t done this already, do it now
  • Enabling flexible workspaces and smaller offices rather than large campuses may become the trend. More focus on endpoint security controls
  • Mobile and personal devices continue to be a hot area of debate. How secure is your employee’s home network?
  • Ransomware is not going away, though the government will increasingly be getting involved. Prepare for it

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