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Touchmate continues to stay strong and grow in the region as a brand with a wide product portfolio. Vasant Menghani, MD at Touchmate discusses how the company has been pushing ahead with new launches in key categories

Discuss how the market changes have impacted Touchmate’s strategies to the ICT market?

The market for Mobility Solutions is growing. Every aspect of your business can be remote controlled with a Smart hand held device be it a Smart Phone or a Smart tablet. We are focusing more into the need for people to stay connected and communicate with each other.
Smart Phones are definitely a growth focus of the company. Hence, in the near future, there will be several Touchmate Smartphones being launched in the market.

We also introduced Mobility Software; QFinder and Team Finder, which enables you to monitor your TEAM and keep track of their daily activities, their visits, their location, their sales, their business and also their HR status like their attendance etc. This is a unique solution in the market.

Which product lines in ICT have you been focusing more over the past year?
We have been focusing on communication devices like Tablets and Smart Phones. We have a range of exclusive Tablets featuring WiFi, 3G and 4G. We have also collaborated with world class franchises like TRANSFORMERS and LITTLE PONY to create products that are trendy, exquisite and classy. We also have All-in-One PCs which have big screens and all the other Hardware is incorporated into the housing of the monitor. Hence when you unpack and install it, you will be totally clutter free with no cables, no mess. We have also added the Touchmate Ultra Slim range of Notebooks.

This year, we have introduced the new range of Karaoke mics that are a current craze with teens as well as adults alike. It is very easy to get started and there is no need to have long cables attached to expensive devices. You can just unpack the mic and pair it with your Bluetooth device and off you go. I believe, there is a good singer lying dormant in all of us and is yearning to emerge. The Touchmate Karoake mic allows you to unearth that singer in you and brings to the fore. It is also a good device to add to your confidence of public speaking and a great tool to overcome your stage fright. We are the first to introduce a wide range Karaoke Mics in the market and seeing the overwhelming response, we are in the expanding the range to 7 models very soon.

Besides, we have also introduced several high end Bluetooth devices and accessories. Another major development that Touchmate has undertaken is to introduce SMART WATCHES that monitors your health and diet and also you can insert a SIM to make and receive calls.

Have you expanded operations in any of the neighbouring markets or Africa?
Yes, we have expanded our operations in Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Besides, we have also expanded our operations in Kenya.

Are accessories for mobility products a strong product line for you?
Accessories for mobility products is definitely a strong product line for us and we already have an array of accessories available in our range starting from exclusive and fancy covers, silicon cases, storages media, high speed cables, power banks, adaptors, screen guards etc.

Do you have products that offer VR / AR experience?
We do have plans to offer VR / AR products for satisfying experiences. However, in this market VR/AR are still in its teething stages. We are keeping an eye on the developments in this area and when the technology is accepted here, we will get our range of Virtual and Augmented Reality devices.

Elaborate on your reach into retail channels across many of the newer malls/outlets that may have opened?

Touchmate is a name to reckon with and it is accepted globally as a brand that has been tried, tested and trusted. We have maintained our reach into all retail channels across all the new malls and outlets that have opened across UAE. Our presence is available in all Hypermarkets, Power Retailers, Individual Retailers, Channels and Trading Accounts. Not only in the UAE, Touchmate has its presence in all major Malls across GCC and in the coming year, our focus is to be present and visible in all Malls across Europe.

Do you see Intel based notebooks as a growth area? Please elaborate on some of the new launches?

We do see Intel based Notebooks as a growth area. Ever since its launch a few months back, Touchmate Notebooks have created history in terms of sales and acceptance. We are working round the clock to meet the heavy demands and to cater to the plethora of repeat orders generated form the advent of the Intel based TOUCHMATE NOTEBOOKS. Currently, we have 3 exclusive TOUCHMATE Notebooks available in the market.
The TM-NB140 is a 14” Windows Quad Core Notebook with QC1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 14” High resolution screen and genuine Windows 10 pre-installed. It also comes Microsoft Office Apps and 100Gb Cloud Storage FREE. This is available in Silver Color.
TM-NB140G is a 14” Windows Quad Core Notebook with QC1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 14” High resolution screen and genuine Windows 10 pre-installed. It also comes Microsoft Office Apps and 100Gb Cloud Storage FREE. This is available in GOLD Color.
TM-NB116 is a Windows Yoga style Notebook with QC 1.8GHZ processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 11.6” High resolution screen, Full 360 degree rotatable screen, genuine Windows 10 Pre-installed. This is available in Orange, Silver and Light Blue colours.

Discuss other innovations from the company?
We never stop innovating and our dedicated team is always on its toes doing research to bring new and innovative products to our customers. We recently introduced the AQUA Bluetooth Speaker, an innovative marvel that works even when it is immersed in water. We also have introduced the Touchmate Magnetic Bluetooth Headset that sticks the earpieces together so that it does not slide off your neck and shoulder.
Touchmate is the only brand that has consistently introduced new and innovative products to the market with the latest technology enhancement for the past 27 years. At Touchmate, our prime objective is to serve the IT industry of UAE and beyond. We believe in getting latest technology enhanced products that makes the consumer happy and the retailers earn their healthy margin. We believe in Commitment more than mere promises.

On a personal note, recently, I have celebrated my 50th birthday and look forward to blessings from all partners and customers as we continue to introduce new innovative and quality products.