Linksys Offers Reliable Solutions to Consumers and Businesses


Linksys is one of the leading brands of data networking hardware products, sold to home users and small businesses. Its product range includes Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi extenders, access points, and network switches. Amanulla Khan, Managing Director of Linksys Middle East, Turkey & Africa talks about the range of enterprise-specific products offered by the company considering the increased need for secure remote work solutions.

Speak about the unique products of Linksys for the consumer and business-centric market

As a leader in the market, we are always looking to offer reliable solutions to consumers and businesses because we understand the importance of strong and steady technology. For both our consumer and business segments, we are simultaneously working to expand our WiFi solutions by integrating the latest and greatest technologies such as WiFi 6 and 6E and/or the newest iterations of Mesh WiFi. We also do this by combining different functionalities into our solutions in line with IoT ecosystems. We’re also proud of Linksys HomeWRK for Business, the first-ever enterprise solution to deliver secure network connectivity for both corporate and personal needs in one easy-to-setup unit optimized for business applications and collaboration tools. In a similar vein, Linksys HomeWRK for Education will bring reliable connectivity and security to students at home. The HomeWRK solutions are secured by Fortinet who bring their expertise to safeguard cyber threats introduced by home networks. We believe technology should be accessible to everyone, so we aim to make our solutions easy to use and reliable.

Amanulla Khan, Managing Director of Linksys Middle East, Turkey & Africa

How do you evaluate Linksys’s business prospects for the coming years?

Our business will grow in many ways. In terms of technology, we expect 6E and Mesh to be more commonly adopted amongst consumers and our product roadmap will reflect that demand. We expect the same for 5G as it becomes more accessible to the mass market through ISP infrastructures being set up across the country. Concerning our business initiatives, we expect retail to expand their online presence in the region, which will demand more reliable networks. ISPs are on their way to offering higher-end solutions and Mesh Wi-Fi products as the demand for higher speeds and efficient networking grows. We will be working closely with them during these developments. We are looking at a shift for SMEs to move to a subscription-based pay-as-you-grow model as they become less reliant on large infrastructures. Our Linksys Cloud Manager solution is already enabling this and we expect more businesses to move to this model.

What sorts of concentration and association Linksys has with SMEs and large enterprises?

We have always had great relationships with SMEs which we will continue to grow through offering cloud-managed access points (Linksys Cloud Manager), switches, and routers. This segment has grown for us at a steady pace so we will continue to add solutions to meet these demands.  We plan to recruit more SMEs whilst sharing our knowledge of our solutions and technology through training programs. With our newly solidified partnership with Fortinet, we are now able to offer secure networks and expect our Linksys HomeWRK solution to be well-received by large enterprises as their need to replicate corporate networks at home increases.

Are you planning to present products or solutions at the GITEX Technology Week? If so, which are they?

During the GITEX Technology Week, we will be showcasing the most premium solutions of our different segments. There will be a particular emphasis on our 5G solutions as the 5G infrastructures continue to expand in the Middle East. Guests will be able to demo a range of other business-led offerings including the Linksys Cloud Manager and Mesh WiFi solutions, as well as get to experience the Linksys App and its features first-hand. We’ll also be highlighting our newly announced Linksys HomeWRK solutions secured by Fortinet.

Tell us about Linksys’s “work from home” and networking devices and their demand

Enterprise-at-home is becoming a significant step in the evolution of workplace technology as working and learning from home is now more common globally than it ever was. This leads to an increasing need for reliable infrastructures to mitigate cybersecurity risks and maintain efficiency. Businesses want to replicate corporate networks by giving their employees access to the same resources as in the office. Our strategic alliance with Fortinet enables us to offer enterprise-grade connectivity and security, with unparalleled quality of service, to organizations that need to provide seamless and secure connectivity for their employees to efficiently work from home. The partnership will also address the issue of the homework gap among students as schools are re-opening with hybrid models for learning with the Linksys HomeWRK for Education.