Mobility Services Come Smarter and Easier; SelfDrive Shows the Way!


Selfdrive is an All Technology-Driven E-commerce platform offering Mobility as a Service (MaaS), licensed by RTA (in the UAE), allowing customers to rent cars on demand from 1 day to 36 months. Selfdrive partners with car manufacturers, dealers, and the top leasing companies making it the fastest-growing asset-light company, managing assets worth USD 350 million. Soham Shah, CEO of shares the company’s regional expansion plans in an exclusive interview with The Integrator.

What is unique about “rent a car” services offered by

The USP of Selfdrive is its association with Dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) to offer brand new and almost brand-new cars to its customers from 1 day to 36 months. The artificial intelligence (AI) driven system, makes the reservation journey and documentation seamless for the customers to reserve the cars of their choice, ranging from 65+ Models of 16 different brands across the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

Soham Shah, CEO, Pinewoods Tech Serv (Selfdrive)

Explain Selfdrive’s customer base and engagements with enterprise customers

Selfdrive aims to serve Local residents, Expat Population and the International travelers who are in need of a car, creating an alternate to car ownership by offering micro leasing and leasing solutions.

Selfdrive offers an extensive option of services under its B2B Enterprise module which delivers an intangible flexibility in its leasing solutions for corporate and government sectors under its portfolio.

How do you onboard dealers to your business and how well are you equipped with the latest technologies?

Selfdrive’s “Proprietary Real Time Fleet Management Technology” integrates to create a revenue channel by incorporating existing and new fleet with the platform, increasing the brand – customer engagement as well as reducing the holding cost of the asset.

Moving in line with the global shift of buying vs alternative car ownership model, Partnering with Selfdrive has empowered the Dealers and OEMs to align with the trend shift and achieve substantial market share with no capital investment in technology.

Let’s discuss the competition, and plans of expansion in the coming years

Selfdrive, the market leader in vehicle subscription technology has a competitive advantage by partnering with the Dealers and the OEMs. The tactical partnerships of the platform has given a deeper penetration into the market due its alignment with the customer trends and sentiments. Selfdrive as a brand, intends to go live in Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait in Q1 2022 to establish its presence in the GCC Market and UK & Europe.

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