Proven Robotics and Pudu Robotics Unveil Next-Gen Robots


Proven Robotics and Pudu Robotics – international high-tech enterprises that design, R&D, produce and sell commercial service robots – have launched Pudu’s signature robots – Kettybot, Bellabot, and Pudubot at Riyadh Season 2021-22.

The live event was focused on showcasing the brilliance of these robots in improving efficiencies through AI technology, reducing operating costs, and simplifying processes. Representatives from Proven Robotics and Pudu Robotics discussed the growth of robotics in the region, and the role of AI and robots in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious drive towards making automation and artificial intelligence a core pillar in the nation’s economic development strategy.

Visitors attending the Riyadh Season 2021-22 were able to watch demos for Kettybot, Bellabot, and Pudubot, robots that were developed to transform the operational landscape and improve efficiency. Bellabot robot was designed to revolutionize the human-robot interactive system, helping make manual tasks in customer-servicing obsolete; while Kettybot and Pudubot are service delivery robots and can act as a utility assistant in several industries.

“There is an increasing demand for robotics across many industries, and this demand is expected to rise, driven by the introduction of new technologies, a growing need for automation fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the need for contactless and automated interactions. We are committed to working with our customers to deliver solutions that match their needs, helping them stay competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving digital era,” said Zaid Al Mashari Group CEO of Proven Arabia.

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