OMA acquires Business Rules Solutions


OMA EMIRATES GROUP, a global payment solutions provider, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, announces the total acquisition of Moroccan company Business Rules Solutions (BRS), of which the Group was a majority stakeholder since 2015.For over 20 years they have been developing a diversified portfolio of state of the art solutions for card personalization, payment issuance and acquiring systems, loyalty programs, digital banking solutions, etc.

Since 2015, Business Rules Solution, now known as OMA BRS, operates not only as a representative for the Group’s solutions in Morocco and Africa, but also as a local R&D center for developing unique cutting-edge payment technologies and banking solutions adapted to the needs of Banks, Governments and Retailers in the region.

Mr. Niranj Sangal, Group CEO and Managing Director of OMA BRS, said “This acquisition is part of our company’s strategy to strengthen its African footprint and the group’s vision to enlarge our value proposition to more than 25 countries worldwide by 2020.” He further adds “By fully acquiring BRS, we aim to spread our know-how and expertise to the Moroccan market and beyond, add value for our clients and position ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ offering an entire range of products and solutions that caters to the African market needs and ever-changing trends.”

This total acquisition allows OMA Emirates a stronger footing to achieve a rapid expansion and growth in the African continent for a future rich with promising business opportunities.