Opportunities for the channel with IoT


Channel partners have a huge stake in taking many of the emerging solutions to market. This includes IoT solutions, which may offer multiple opportunity scenarios for the channel.

Vendors need the channel to drive adoption of complex deployments in different verticals and for their greater understanding of local customers. It is believed, IoT based products and services will sooner than later emerge and gain wider traction as the world of connected devices grow. Mapping, conceptualising and wrapping services that are customized for different customer scenarios would be a growth avenue for partners. From networking to data analytics and cyber security, there will plenty of areas that open up.

According to a survey, channel partners in the US who are already making revenues from IoT based services have seen their revenues grow year on year. While the growth maybe at a nascent stage, this should inevitably grow at a brisker pace than until now.

While vendors rely on partners for successfully driving solutions to market, partners need to enhance understanding of requirements in different verticals they deal with. In addition to technology expertise, the partner’s greater grip in terms of understanding of a vertical’s dynamics will help gain a vendor’s confidence to entrust the partner with the onus of taking some of its pioneering solutions to market. And as with every opportunity, the first movers will wrest the advantage in terms of gaining customer and vendor confidence as well as benefit from higher value transactions that are almost the norm at the beginning of every technology adoption cycle. Further, the early learning will stand the partner in good stead to take more evolved solutions to market as they come into market.