Palo Alto Strikes Competition with Its Innovative and Robust Security Solutions


Palo Alto Networks, a multinational cybersecurity company, offers advanced firewalls and cloud-based security solutions. Haider Pasha, Chief Security Officer, Emerging Markets at Palo Alto Networks speaks to The Integrator on its latest offerings to SMEs and large enterprises in the MEA region.

A recent research project of Palo Alto concluded that non-business devices (i.e., IoT) used by employees can create a major threat in enterprise networks. How did you arrive at such a conclusion and what is its base?

Palo Alto Networks and technology research firm Vanson Bourne jointly released The Connected Enterprise: Internet of Things (IoT) Security Report 2021. In 2021, cyberattacks against IoT devices have gotten bigger and bolder – from hacking water treatment plants to security cameras and more. The report highlights the need for shared responsibility among work-from-home (WFH) employees and IT teams to secure the enterprise.

Palo Alto Networks surveyed around 1,900 IT decision-makers from 18 countries, including UAE and Saudi Arabia, focusing on both SMEs and multinational firms in many sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government.

Elaborate on Palo Alto’s principles about cybersecurity and speak about key solutions

From the strategy perspective, we are big believers in the “zero trust” approach. We recommend organizations focus on their set strategy as the next way to digitize and evolve. The previous concept of layered defenses as a model does not work anymore because data is not any longer in a central location and it is everywhere. Therefore, the concept of zero trust needs further expansion besides the idea of conducting microsegmentation both on-prem and cloud.

One of the key technologies we have under our brand name is Cortex XDR, which detects and stops the most advanced attacks to keep networks safe. With over 10 acquisitions made recently, Palo Alto Networks is all set to provide robust, innovative integrated-platform support to its customers.

What types and sizes of enterprises do you work with?

Palo Alto Networks supports firms of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational organizations. We are neither limited in terms of size nor the capabilities we can support. In addition to firewall support for businesses, Palo Alto Networks also offers cloud solutions. Our mandate is to consistently evolve, creating a safe and secure environment for our customers and partners.

How do you observe the competition and evaluate the way security solution business progresses in the region?

The competition in the cybersecurity segment has increased recently. Even though there are many security service providers, few organizations offer a  comprehensive approach.

For businesses with a small number of employees, it can be simpler to choose a vendor in comparison to a large-scale enterprise, which involves many different aspects to create a secure environment. Palo Alto Networks has had experience with all sizes of organizations and is continuously advancing its expertise and tools to meet the demands of all types of firms to secure their data and networks.

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