Panasonic unveils i-PRO Extreme Surveillance Technology


Panasonic unveiled its next generation i-PRO Extreme technology platform at Intersec 2018, happening at the Dubai World Trade Centre until January 23. The new range of Panasonic’s indoor and outdoor i-PRO Extreme cameras is designed to provide safe city security solutions through monitoring fast changing environments from busy commercial areas to public transport depots, warehouses as well as other business and private establishments.

The i-PRO Extreme technology platform has been rolled out across Panasonic’s new line-up of cameras, recorders and video management software (VMS) —providing a native end-to-end H.265 compression while also delivering demonstrable enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence.

Yasuo Yamasaki – Director, System Solutions and Communications Division, Panasonic, said, “Panasonic’s extensive range of network cameras, video recorders and software packages utilise breakthrough technology and innovation, not only to provide outstanding surveillance, but unique marketing and analytical tools as well to our customers. Our i-PRO Extreme range is ideal for high-traffic environments as it can operate round the clock under the most hazardous conditions, and yet provide high-quality images. This system also features an outstanding compression technology, thus addressing the common problem of large storage space requirements in surveillance systems.”

Key technology enhancements delivered by i-PRO Extreme include extreme visibility. The advanced image stabilisation steadies the camera to prevent blurred images and intelligent sensitivity enables the camera to automatically adjust gain and shutter speed to adapt to the brightness and object movement in a scene. High-performance face detection technology in the camera combined with new 144dB enhanced SD capabilities, automatically enables clear identification of a person’s face, even in very dynamic scenes or heavily backlit conditions for optimal face recognition and evidence capture.

The Firefly night view enhancer technology transforms a standard 1/3-inch sensor camera into an effective low-light capable camera enabling it to produce a very high-quality colour image—even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

Now included on the new cameras, recorders, video management software, the latest H.265 standard provides an 80 percent enhancement in compression when compared to H.264 devices, delivering high picture quality with half the bandwidth requirements and reduced storage costs. The new H.265 enabled cameras include H.264 compatibility modes enabling customers to migrate portions of their system to the new standard at their own pace.

The new cameras are capable of detecting up to 8 faces simultaneously can now be linked with new compression techniques to maintain the Region Of Interest (ROI) at a higher picture quality. A built-in self-learning algorithm enables the camera to predict where movements may happen and ensure the camera is responsive and effectively manages picture quality in real-time.

The HDD power control technology built into the new recorders intelligently and dynamically powers down HDD’s without risking recording loss, while extending HDD life up to seven years (depending on environment and usage). Recorders can be connected in tandem to enable seamless recording redundancy for mission critical applications.

Because every device with an IP address is potentially vulnerable to cyber threats, Panasonic has expanded its deployment of Secure Communication Technology across its new line of i-PRO Extreme H.265 cameras, recorders and video management software. Panasonic’s Secure Communications Protection Suite, developed in collaboration with Symantec, combines Symantec’s scalable and reliable Device Certificate technology to perform trusted device authentication, and together with Panasonic’s own in-house embedded cryptography technology, provides a highly secure and robust protection layer for its embedded surveillance products. The Secure Communication Suite specifically protects against spoofing (false data), video tampering or altering (changing images), and snooping of protected surveillance communications (stealing passwords).

Further, it offers a server-based facial recognition and matching platform with face detection function and highly-efficient matching capabilities against a database of registered faces. Image processing also includes enhanced age and gender analytics reporting.
The Vehicle Incident Detection function enables users to monitor even multi-lane roads and receive automated alerts identifying unusual traffic activity, such as wrong-way driving or cars stalled in the middle of a highway. While it is difficult for a single human operator to physically detect vehicle accidents on multiple camera monitors, such monitoring is made possible with the Vehicle Incident Detection system.

In addition to the i-PRO Extreme range, Panasonic is showcasing a wide range of security and surveillance solutions at booth SA-E22 located in the Trade Centre Arena at Intersec 2018.