Philips, AOC Monitors Meet All Your Commercial Display and Gaming Needs


TPV Technology is a multinational electronics manufacturing company. TPV designs and produces a full range of CRT and TFT LCD monitors as well as LCD TVs and it owns brands such as AOC, Envision, and Philips. The Integrator interviews Carol Anne Dias, Regional Sales Director – MEA at TPV Technology.

Speak about the unique products of AOC, Philips for the consumer and business-centric market

At TPV Technology, we offer the full range of AOC & Philips monitors to meet the needs of our consumers at every level. Be it gaming, go green, touch, privacy, or wide screens for professionals and businesses, we have the right specifications.

Philips monitors meet the needs of today’s dynamic and polyvalent professionals with a wide array of innovative solutions designed to maximize productivity, deliver true-to-life visuals, enhance well-being, and safeguard the environment.

Carol Anne Dias, Regional Sales Director – MEA at TPV Technology

With our Award Winning 49″ curved 499P9H 32:9 SuperWide display is like two full-size high-performance monitors in one. Productivity-enhancing features, such as USB-C and pop-up webcam with Windows Hello, deliver the performance and convenience you expect.

AOC Monitors focus on professional display needs. With full-HD IPS and dynamic design, 24V2Q gives business professionals an enhanced experience. The model has also won Consumer Choice Award for its slim profile.

What sorts of concentration and association TPV-Tech has with SMEs and large enterprises?

We closely work and design tailor-made programs for our SME and channel partners. Segregating categories into B2B, gaming, entry displays, and our PD range so there is a better focus on products. We have a dedicated “sell-through team” handling direct sales in the SME market along with our distribution teams. We cater to smaller resellers with different programs, so as not to leave out our partners from every angle.

Are you planning to present products or solutions at the GITEX Technology Week? If so, which are they?

This year our focus is to launch the Philips gaming range and that’s now available in retail stores. Focusing on detail features, such as the momentum display boasts sound by legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins, create a new level console gaming monitor with a 55’’ 4K HDR display with ambiglow. This will be our flagship product (558M1RY) rolling out big at the GITEX Technology Week with our partners.

Tell us about the high-end AOC gaming monitors and their demand

As known AOC gaming bagged the No. 1 position as per IDC in one quarter. From there on, there has been a high demand for AOC gaming monitors especially in the 27’’ and above.  2021 Qtr 2 as per IDC AOC split is almost 28% market share in 27’’ and above. Our flagship model AOC Porsche design PD27 is our unique display created for a perfectionist with QHD 2560×1440 with superior picture quality.

The PD27 has a 27-inch 1000r curvature display that comes with a QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution along with a 240Hz refresh rate, and HDR 400. It offers multiple video inputs ranging from HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 with support for adaptive sync. Users longing for the roar of the flat six-boxer engines in racing games will appreciate the 5W stereo speakers with DTS sound.

A signature feature of the AGON Porsche design gaming monitor is the ambient light situated behind the screen that illuminates for a more immersive experience. A wireless gaming keypad is also included letting you access various settings such as FPS and RGB at a press of a button.

How do you evaluate TPV-Tech’s business prospects for the next five years?

Researchers predict that the global display market will hit a whopping figure of $206.29 billion by 2025. In light of this, we foresee it as below:

  • Looking to the future of the workplace many factors will change the way we work. One of the most important when it comes to technology is the display. The visual aspect of our computer setup dictates how we view and engage in our daily tasks. It allows better communication, enables us to visualize our work, and lets us see the results. We have already seen trends such as large display formats, slim borders, borderless, curved, 4k resolutions, touch screens, and so on
  • In the next coming years, we will see display screens incorporating trends such as visual/augmented reality (VR/AR) allowing users to view, move around, and interact with 3D displays
  • 8K displays will allow larger screens without pixelation
  • Transparent, flexible, and foldable – Ideal for meeting and conference rooms
  • Eye-tracking: Like mobile phones, displays will have an eye-tracking feature for security
  • AI will be incorporated into display screens, which will allow consumers to automatically be informed on suggestions on how to improve time and operate as your personal assistant