With Comprehensive Data Center Solutions, PNY Dictates Rules in the Enterprise Market


PNY Technologies is a leading IT manufacturer with a broad product range including flash memory cards, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives (SSD). Talus Arukalil, Regional Manager – MEAI explains its GPU solutions, other front-line products, and collaboration with NVIDIA to The Integrator.

Give us some insights into the NVIDIA Data Center solutions PNY launched recently

PNY provides the most comprehensive computing, storage, and networking portfolio for data centers. Its vast expertise and experience enable to support the challenges of the data center coming from a broad range of industries such as healthcare, retail, higher education, and more.

PNY offers the NVIDIA DGX A100 AI Infrastructure based on the NVIDIA A100 GPU architecture, one universal building block for the AI data center for enterprise at scale, allowing to build DGX PODs and SuperPODs, a complete, cloud-native AI data center with limitless capacity. In this environment, PNY proposes different storage solutions dedicated to data centers, and AI, coming from strong partners such as NetApp or DDN, or the PNY in-house storage server PNY 3S.

Talus Arukalil, Regional Manager – MEAI

Finally, PNY recently signed a direct distribution agreement with NVIDIA Mellanox Networking solutions and offers a complete Infiniband and Ethernet networking portfolio to orchestrate the compute and storage of the data center: SmartNICS, switches, cables, and more.

How does the operational paradigm get shifted via GPU solutions?

Three converging forces have sparked the AI era: the availability of huge databases, the invention of Deep Learning algorithms, and the unprecedented performance of GPU computing.

For 30 years, the principles of Moore’s Law have been authoritative as microprocessor performance increased by 50% per year. Now, the physical limitations of semiconductors mean that CPU performance is only increasing by 10% each year. By popularizing GPU processing, NVIDIA has provided a new path for the entire industry and will deliver up to 1000 times faster computing performance by 2025. GPU computing is the most effective way to improve the performance of HPC applications and data centers.

Tell us about the strength PNY amasses in the IT component industry and what are your signature products?

PNY managing the market in three segments. Consumer components ecosystem group focusing on gamers and system integrators with Nvidia GeForce GPUs, SSD, and DRAM modules. Next one, the Nvidia Professional solutions group targeting business development with enterprise-level end users, workstation builders, SI partners, etc with Quadro, Tesla cards, Nvidia DGX systems, and networking solutions. The third group is focusing on removable storage products for the retail consumer market with USB drives, memory cards, portable SSD, etc.

Speak a bit about PNY’s dominance in the consumer market with its graphic cards

Our range of components is our strength and uniqueness. GPU availability is very limited in recent times and we have challenges to fulfill the market demand. However, we are trying our best to provide maximum allocations to our traditional partners. PNY being Nvidia partner for consumer and professional Quadro cards we can provide more GPUs to market compared to competitions focusing on GeForce only.

How’s PNY’s performance and market share in the MENA region and compare them with other regions?

Globally US & EU are large markets for PNY since we operate in those regions for more than 30 years. Middle east operation launched in 2016 and we are in the growth phase. We are lucky to have many leading broad line/specialists partners joining our network to strengthen market reach.

The Consumer SSD market is highly competitive. How does PNY differentiate itself from others?

The flash-based memory market is volatile and price-sensitive in general. In 1985 PNY opened the business with the DRAM module as the first product. Since then we have had the expertise to handle all formats of memory (USB drives/cards/DRAM all range/SSD full range). Many PC applications are switching from HDD to SSD and now Playstation also announced an upgrade option with NVME SSD with a speed of 5500 MB/s and above. PNY SSD range includes basic 2.5” till CS3140 NVME with high performance up to 7500 MB/s which is one of the fastest in the industry.

Briefly tell us about PNY’s expansion plans in the region and new technology introductions?

The demand for IT technology is growing strong in most markets is the positive part. As all know the pandemic period accelerated the importance of technology. We are looking forward to expanding more to larger upcoming regions such as Africa and Central Asian countries.

PNY is a global partner to Nvidia and we are committed to bringing all the latest launches to the region along with more range of SSD and DRAM is the plan for Q4 2021.