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img108D-Link continues to further enhance its reach into the channel and also strengthen its regional resources including support for partners and customers.D-Link has built up strong channel in the region and that has been key to its continued success as one of the top networking Brands in the regional market. The networking manufacturer continues to further enhance its reach into the channel and also strengthen its regional                                                                   resources including support for partners and customers.

Sakkeer Hussain, Sales & Marketing Director at D-Link MEA says, “During the past three years we have been investing heavily in human resources, increasing our overall head count of the Middle East and African with in-country offices to provide the local touch and flavor to our solution offerings. We have added support call centers across the region and we established training facilities in different countries to equip our partners with the necessary know-how to provide our customers with a better D-Link experience. D-Link has started the implementation of partner programs to enhance our relationship in retail, Telco and solution business segments.

The manufacturer is also planning to follow this example also in the African markets by enhancing its presence there with more training and technical facilities. D-Link will be focusing on extending its reach in many African countries, to ensure they get a sizeable share of the action in terms growing Infrastructure and Internet investments in key African countries.

While Dubai continues to be the hub for the region, D-Link is all set to consolidate its reach in the Saudi market on a firm footing this year by reinforcing relationships with power retailers. The company has offices across GCC which is taking them closer to the individual markets.

Sakkeer adds, “For the year 2015, we are planning to majorly expand our business in the GCC, including KSA – by reinforcing our collaboration with Power Retailers. We added new members to our team who will be enhancing our reach in the consumer and solution business market. To be able to provide a “local” experience to the consumers, we have set up offices all over the GCC, including KSA, from where our plans will be followed through. Our team is reporting back to the D-Link MEA headquarters in Dubai, which also serves as the hub for shipping out all the goods to the region.

Besides being channel friendly, the manufacturer has been quick to bring to market new Technologies. D-Link also ensures its price positioning is quite reasonable and that its solutions provide an unmatched network experience for everyone at affordable price points.

Sakkeer says, “Adaption of new technologies and following proper time-to-market strategies have been some of our key success aspects, that allowed us to have an edge in the networking industry. To name a few, D-Link was the first to introduce green technologies embedded in network switches, 11ac portable devices, or even bring the concept of personal cloud to consumers.”

D-Link has also been one of the first vendors who introduced the 11 AC series of products to the business segment with various offerings.

In 2014, the company claims that its wireless AC devices have been extremely popular with D-Link offering 11AC-based routers, business Access Points, Powerline devices, IP cameras and Wireless Range Extenders.

“The demand for speed and coverage has made D-Link launch many more 11AC solutions in 2015, which could see consumer and business solutions with data throughput rates of up to 5300Mbps and higher. In the enterprise sector, we have been very successful with enterprise solutions such as 40G Connectivity, offering data center solutions.”

The networking manufacturer also views Home automation as a significant opportunity going forward. It already offers a significant portfolio of products under the home automation portfolio. The manufacturer’s home automation products are already available under Wi-Fi version and are likely to be further expanded, both in terms of range and new Technology introductions.

Sakkeer adds, “We expect more low-energy products based on technologies like 802.11ah, Z-Wave and Bluetooth 4.0 to be available in DIY concepts by the second half of the year. D-Link will cover multiple solutions from homeplus, to switches, water/smoke sensors, window/door alarms, motion detection sensors, and different types of surveillance cameras HVAC controllers, door locks and much more to improve the quality of life. These devices will be linked over the reliable D-Link cloud platform. Home automation can be seen as a Power Retailers DIY solution or can also be integrated as a solution for business solutions for Telcos or solution partners. This for sure would be a big area for growth in the near future.”

The company has lined up various incentive programs for its partners and will be launching them quite soon. With these programs, the company anticipates to facilitate win-win scenarios both for itself and its partners.