Setting up the future


GITEX 2017 has been quite a spectacular show and the rich showcase of technologies of the future at the stands of most exhibitors, from Etisalat and du to Smart Dubai on one side and companies including Huawei, Avaya, Cisco, HP, Dell, Linksys, D-Link, TP-Link etc underlined the fact that there is no dearth of innovations that will shape the future. From the great level of interaction and enthusiasm that was quite visibly tangible and the significant footfall of attendees experienced, the show has revealed that it will continue be a force to be reckoned with as the most significant technology expo of the region.
There were several case studies demonstrated of how these new technologies are being deployed and bringing a great difference to customers. And there were also scenarios showcased of futuristic deployments.
As the GITEX showcase reveals, from AI to Blockchain technologies, an extensive spectrum of technologies is well on course to shape the digital transformation across the sectors, both public and private. In fact, there is wide agreement around the fact that the momentum with digital transformation initiatives is gathering speed. And while setting out to embrace this new future, the experience or the journey is likely to be unique for each company as it decides how best to embrace new infrastructure or solutions that helps it stay most competitive in a very dynamic marketplace. Every company will have its own story to write and journey to make.
A new world order that is dominated by relatively newer technologies (cloud, social, mobile etc) has already become central to the way we run our Businesses interact with customers and partners. This is likely to become more entrenched as traditional and familiar ways fade out and are steadily replaced. Automation is very much at the threshold in many domains, making inroads, bringing better efficiencies but also displacing some of the jobs. However, new opportunities will come in which will require upgrading of skills and more training hours for people already part of the workforce.
For companies, there is the urgency to embrace new technologies, else they will fall behind in their capabilities vi-a-vis competition who could have a jumpstart by adopting new ways of doing their Business. There is the opportunity for partners who have upgraded their competencies in emerging technologies to help enable the goals of the companies who are aspiring for a digital makeover.
Change can be devastating if we don’t prepare to do sot voluntarily and proactively. Among companies that were powerhouses of an earlier era, several of them have made successful transitions through a combination of strategies from buyout and mergers to adopting new directions. However, some have faded away. And yet, some of the biggest technology companies today are companies born within the new millennium. Every company continues to have the opportunity to be a survivor and achieve sustainable success through a mix of great strategies, greater execution and probably some fortune as well.