Spire Data Shares its Innovative Approach to Data Governance and AI


The Integrator had an exclusive interview with Tausif Sayyed, Director Data Analytics & AI – Spire Data at GISEC 2023

What are the latest trends in data analytics and AI?  

Data analytics has been a prevalent topic in the region, but in recent years, the adoption of AI has become a critical consideration in terms of governance. Previously, AI was adopted primarily for its ROI perspective, but now it is becoming crucial to ensure AI and ML integrity are incorporated into overall cyber security and data governance. This trend is gaining traction, and self-service technology and automated AI models are also popular in the region.

Do you think ChatGPT is taking over the IT industry?

Tausif Sayyed, Director of Data Analytics & AI

ChatGPT takes Google search to the next level, providing relevant answers to questions without the need for extensive research. While this is a time-saving tool, it can also negatively impact technical capabilities as individuals may rely heavily on the tool and not actively seek solutions. However, there are positive aspects of optimizing efforts for repetitive tasks. As with any technology, there are both positive and negative aspects to consider, and it is crucial to adapt and secure ourselves effectively.

Which products related to data analytics and AI are in your portfolio?

Our company addresses two different segments of the market. For those who have advanced data management capabilities, we offer AI and machine learning governance to ensure their data is secure. For those who are still in the process of extracting value from their data, we offer services to help them engineer, transform, and store their data securely. Our expertise in data analytics and AI enables us to assist them in generating insights, creating KPIs, and developing analytics that help them make better business decisions.

What are your plans for the year 2023?  

Our plans for this year are quite straightforward. Two major governance models or regulations have been announced in two countries, the UAE and KSA. These are mainly focused on government and semi-government sectors. Our goal is to build a complete framework for our predominantly government and semi-government customers, something we have been doing in the past but now have a clearer mandate to pursue. Additionally, we are targeting small and medium-sized businesses that want to quickly adopt cloud technology. So our initiatives include hybrid adoption and data modernization.

Can you elaborate on the products and services that you showcased at GISEC 2023?

Our services are broken down into four different areas. The first is data asset modernization. As data volume, variety, and velocity increase, it becomes crucial to have better data storage, data warehouses, and data lakes. The second area we specialize in is data engineering, which is often the most difficult part of handling raw data. We transform data by cleaning it up, making sense of it, standardizing it to meet regulations, and tokenizing & encrypting it. The third service is analytics and AI. We help build models, but we also enable AI and machine learning, empowering organizations to drive their own analytics efforts. Finally, we offer consulting and implementation services. We don’t just provide direction or consulting; we also implement solutions alongside our customers, becoming their data partners and helping them achieve their data goals.

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