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By Editor

Not enough on the mobility table for all

If trends in mobility have taught us anything, it’s that there can only be so much space on the digital table.

Since the age of mobility dawned a decade or so ago, there has really one or two major players at the top and then the rest. Today, Apple and Samsung dominate with almost everyone else relegated to fringe player.

Is this kind of domination a sign of things to come, or is it the result of the unique positioning of tablets and smartphones?

The rest of the computing world is a bit more democratic, with none of the major players enjoying a dominant market share. However, clear frontrunners are being established with Lenovo’s continued runaway success. The PC market could as well mirror the mobile market with one or two vendors enjoying a lopsided share with the rest fighting for crumbs.

One could argue on the wisdom of the foresighted distributor or reseller to soon align himself with an emerging leader(s) and leverage future growth. However, as has been proven true many a times, market leadership in IT is as fickle as a changeful dream.

And there’s the rub. How can the channel plan for future growth when they do not know if they can’t even figure out if the brand will be existing a few years from now (Blackberry anyone?).

No one can. All the channel can do is offer their solutions the best way they can and leave the rest to the normal ebbs and flows of the market.


David Ndichu