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The primacy of redefining network security in a world made borderless by near ubiquitous connectivity and in the era of cloud services cannot be understated. Dell offers an end to end portfolio from a next-generation to other leading security solutions including Data Protection and Encryption and Security Services, making it a great value proposition for its partners. Shahnawaz Sheikh, Regional Director, Dell SonicWALL Middle East & Turkey speaks about Dell’s security vision

Please discuss the connected security vision of Dell? What are the various building blocks?

In the connected world managing security needs with multiple point products and they operating in silos have fallen short.  These approach creates gap forcing the organizations to manage each silo separately, leading to inefficiency and pointless complexities.  Instead of reducing management time, cost and risks, they have opposite impact.

Dell believes security should be managed differently, our security software solutions gives the organization the power to protect from endpoint to datacenter to cloud.  Allowing multiple Dell products to seamlessly correlate with each other to offer better compliance, efficiency and ability to detect and mitigate threats from diverse areas of network that eventually instruments to be an business enabler through rapid adoption of new technologies viz., BYOD, Cloud, end-point and more.

Discuss how the various security appliances from Sonicwall are an integral part of that strategy?

As a starting point the existing products of Dell Sonicwall are the good examples of basic connected security concept, with Email Security and End-Point Security are technically connected to the next generation Firewalls to achieve better approach towards Data Leakage Prevention and securing endpoint devices.  The future of Next Generation Firewall and Secure Remote Access products will play a much bigger role to simplify the complexities and enhance the efficiency of threat protection with Identity and Access management and endpoint management solutions.  The whole gamut of these offerings would make us unique in our offering of multiple solutions but yet remain connected.

Discuss about Dell’s secure mobile access solutions?

Dell’s secure remote access solutions offer employees and extranet business partners Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) access, delivering two-factor authentication to mission-critical resources from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets that are corporate managed or personal devices and provide controlled access to applications and network resources by checking the user identity and security profile of the end point.  The secure remote access products have become the integral part of BOYD strategies adopted by organizations of all sizes that can allow its users to use the Dell’s mobile connect app on the most common smartphones supporting IOS and Andriod.  The same products can be used to achieve the disaster recovery deployments and cloud based access to achieve secured anytime anywhere access.

How does this unified strategy to Network security impact engagements with regional customers? Does it impact their procurement of IT security solutions?

The unified strategy to Network Security is an added advantage to the existing customers that have already invested in our products and solutions.  With the introduction of connected security offering the very same products will start delivering better efficiency and threat prevention capabilities towards sophisticated attacks by an proactive approach by enhancing the functions of multiple products to deliver better security when they are connected.  We strongly believe that there will be a positive impact on procurement, Network Architecture and Business planning strategies towards acquiring IT security solutions.

What have been the latest announcements on the NGFW front?

As we have already introduced our Gen 6 Next Gen Firewall hardware that offers hardware enhancement from CPU processing to port enhancements etc., that have replaced the old generation of NGFW, we continue to promote our successful SuperMassive series with 9000 series and 10000 series of products.  The NSA 9000 series fill in the space of cost effective high powered and high speed Next Gen Firewalls that meets the needs of ever demanding Datacenters, Distributed Enterprises and Core and Perimeter Networks.  We continue to deliver enhancements on all our Next Gen Firewall series of products ensuring that they are built to protect our customer’s networks to combat the latest and the most sophisticated threats on the block.

Partners have come together in the dell partner direct program but elaborate trends among the regional partners in terms of extending their security portfolios and also accepting this one-stop network security solutions approach of Dell?

For us it is an ongoing process to onboard and enable partners into Dell Partner Direct Program to support our ever growing product demand and business opportunities across the region.  We also take this opportunity to understand the current offerings by our partners and find opportunities to create additional avenues that can bring additional revenue that helps their business growth.  So as long as the partner visualizes along with us the market potential of our innovative products and services and sees a strong growth future that paves way for a long term business association, we strategically encourage these partners towards additional competencies and attract them towards Dell software’s primary goal of been a one-stop trusted Network Security player who listens to its customers business needs and strives hard to deliver the best of breed technology and solutions that offers simplicity and affordability, all coming from one trusted name.

Elaborate on solutions for securing virtual environments?

Customer who wants to safeguard their most business-critical data and applications in virtual and hybrid environments. The Dell Software portfolio of products allows them to quickly capitalize on the cost-efficiency and scalability benefits of virtualization, while working within existing, hybrid environments.

Our solutions reach across physical, virtual and cloud environments, providing stability now and in the future. Proven and scalable, these solutions serve as the backbone to protect tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, providing them options of deployments with most of our products fitting the virtual environment.  Today our customers can order Email Security, Secure Remote Access, Central Management System and WAN Optimization products for virtual environments.