Uniphore Conversational Automation Platform Exceptionally Enhances Enterprises’ Customer Interactions


Uniphore, a conversational automation company, develops AI and natural language processing (NLP)-based solutions for enterprises. Ravi, Co-founder & President-APAC at Uniphore speaks about the solutions Uniphore delivers to address the entire lifecycle of customer conversation – from an automated channel to authentication, to live service, and finally to post-factor.

Explain how Uniphore products work in terms of Conversational Automation, and how enterprises can make use of this.

Uniphore is a conversational automation company. We provide a framework wherein AI and natural language processing (NLP) can be applied to a company’s conversational data to enhance engagements, both internally and externally. Our current focus is on providing an integrated conversational service platform, which combines conversational AI, workflow automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and low-code and no-code capabilities, all wrapped up with a business-friendly user interface (UI). Our goal is to transform and democratize exceptional customer experiences.

Uniphore enables businesses to empower their contact center employees to deliver highly personalized, empathetic customer interactions which elevate the overall experience. The solutions we deliver include:

U-Self Serve – It helps drive customer engagement across channels like IVR, web, and mobile, and reduces the cost of customer service.

U-Trust: It delivers frictionless agent verification to increase customer trust. It can verify agents effectively and reduce contact center fraud. As the customer converses with the agent

U-Assist: It steps in to give the agent real-time analytics that drives compliance, facilitate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, address consistency and churn with knowledge management and most importantly enable agents to be more empathetic.

U-Analyze: It makes it possible for 100% of interactions to be monitored and analyzed for details such as soft skills, compliance, churn, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

In this way, Uniphore delivers a platform upon which our products address the entire lifecycle of customer conversation – from an automated channel to authentication, to live service, and finally to post-factor.

How can automation be tailored to the needs of each organization? Give us an example and speak about the verticals that Uniphore focuses on

For example; a typical request to a bank such as ensuring the customer’s credit card will work during an overseas trip. Between navigating the IVR, speaking to an agent, and the agent subsequently making the required updates to the system, this interaction is likely to take no less than 10-12 minutes. But if Uniphore has been deployed, then instead of the IVR, the customer can speak in a native language to a bot, which connects them more efficiently and conveniently to an agent. Then as the customer relays the request to the agent, RPA processes automatically populate forms, allowing the agent to fulfill the request with just a single click.

Within in financial services industry, we also serve other non-banking service providers such as mortgage providers, and many of the world’s leading insurance companies. Beyond BFSI, we serve the telecoms sector – with many of the largest service providers across the globe being Uniphore customers – and the healthcare market. Of course, BPOs are another large focus for Uniphore wherein we don’t only sell to them, but also sell our services through these organizations. In addition, we also have a big customer base in the eCommerce, Ed-Tech, and hospitality segments.

Tell us about your presence in the Middle East and your strategy for the region in the coming years

In the Middle East, we have a strong partner focus as we sell through our partners and alliances. Of course, we also have a team that is based in the Middle East that is headquartered in the UAE and has a local presence in countries across the MENA, including Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

We have a very strong penetration into the enterprise space. Globally, Uniphore works with 6 out of the top 10 BPOs, 3 out of the top 5 telcos, and between 70% to 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

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