6DX Launched in the Middle East for NextGen Retail Experiences


6DX, a cloud-native point of sales (POS) solution, has launched in the Middle East and is aiming to transform the retail experience in hypermarkets, supermarkets, fashion, and lifestyle stores.

6DX appeared to have been built on the robust principles of design thinking at the R&D Innovation Lab at Intellect Commerce. 6DX is a MACH (Microservices based, API First, Cloud-Native, and Headless technology) enabled open retail composable architecture that fits into any environment without disrupting the existing technology ecosystem of the retailer. It is built on microservices and an API-first design to maximize flexibility and speed of implementation.

Commenting about the launch of 6DX, Ramanan S V, Director – Intellect Commerce said, “Middle Eastern Retail sector is at the cusp of major digital transformation right now. 6DX unlocks high performance and great returns by providing user experience-oriented solutions such as point-of-sales (POS) and retail analytics, along with customer relationship management (CRM) with its cutting-edge NextGen Retail Xperience technology.”

With 6DX, the retailers can get six key elements, which are the following:

Faster Checkout – Enable retailers for a faster and easy checkout process using barcode-based scan, role-based authorization, order booking, Peripheral Integration, offline billing, refund, etc.

Promotions – Customer behavior information is obtained from mining transaction history, and it is correlated with customer segment attributes to inform promotion strategies and percentage-based promotions.

Payments– Making the checkout process easier for the customers with multiple payment options including card payment, digital wallets, loyalty points, closed wallets, gift voucher  redemption, and cash payment

CRM – Empowers business to help them sell better, and allow them to harness the power of customer data with the CRM module to capture data on customer enrolments, KYC, location tagging, NPS, analytics, marketing campaign, and social media integration

Coupons & Vouchers – Automate personalized promotions using pre-printed, digital, bulk, invoice product category, and customer group-based coupons and vouchers.

Loyalty Programmes – Identify & reward consumers, and increase lifetime value with a loyalty program offering multi-tier, loyalty promotion, card management, welcome campaign, point transfer & expiry, and authorizations.

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