Updated : January 19, 2015 09:45  am,Dubai
By Editor

Businesses in the UAE looking to leverage blended cloud models to meet changing customer requirements in the new era of mobile, cloud and big data

EMC Corporation has announced the findings of a new UAE based study that reveals organization preferences of cloud computing models and the priorities that drive these investments.
The study reveals heightened cloud computing adoption in the UAE:
–              95% of enterprises surveyed have already implemented or plan to implement a cloud computing model
–              49% of enterprises stated to have currently implemented a private cloud model
–              35% consider their environment to be a public cloud.
Private Cloud adopters cited a clear focus on security and control when making a decision about a cloud computing model:
–              46% cited the maximized control and security as being a primary factor for selecting private cloud
–              31% said they selected the private cloud for the universal network access with seamless connectivity to public cloud resources
–              12% cited the ability to meet local data hosting regulations as a primary reason
While public cloud adopters cited a focus on compliance and costs as being primary factors for choosing this model:
–              37% Ease of meeting compliance requirements
–              35% High CAPEX savings
–              18% Maximum Scalability
The study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet (commissioned by EMC) also reveals a growing interest in Advanced Hybrid cloud solutions.
–              23% of respondents stated they have plans to implement an Advanced Hybrid Cloud model
Respondents reported to be inclined to adopting an Advanced Hybrid Cloud model cited a heightened need for flexibility that a blend of the two models allows:
–              58% cited discretionary data storage as being a key factor
–              Almost 30% said it is because of scalability, growth and clear migration path
–              12% cited the flexibility to choose environments that best allow them to meet compliance and regulations for multi country operations as being a key factor
The study also reveals key criteria for organizations when considering a Cloud Service Provider.
–              43% of those considering public cloud focused on security and compliance
–              While 31% of those considering private/hybrid cloud models cited technical and functional competence of the CSP as being the deciding factor
Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, EMC Corporation said:  “IT organizations are striving to transform to deliver services that support the changing needs of their customers. Today, IT must leverage private cloud because it is trusted, controlled, and reliable, and public cloud because it’s simple, low cost, and flexible. This study clearly highlights the growing interest in adopting advanced hybrid cloud models to create a perfect blend of the two worlds. We recognized these needs and with the EMC Hybrid Cloud solutions look forward to enabling IT to rapidly deliver the services the business needs, so the business can deliver what customers want. Our solutions empower IT to be a broker of trusted cloud services with a set of fully-engineered solutions that enable choice, seamless integration, transparency and scalability.”