Unified Marketplace for Hospitality and Travel Industries


ExploreTECH is a unified marketplace that makes connections and delivers solutions besides providing tech solutions for the hospitality and travel industries. Ralph Melis, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at ExploreTECH speaks about the capabilities of its unique platform.

Speak about the key benefits that the ExploreTECH platform will provide to technology providers and buyers

The platform will provide users with a unified source of information for multiple technology providers. They can access the latest tech solutions that complement or further develop their strategic goals. Through the platform, they also have access to verified user reviews and can conduct a comprehensive vendor comparison for informed decision-making. Buyers on the platform have access to a global network with established vendor relationships, and ExploreTECH can deliver turnkey implementation and on-demand project support based on the requirements through our Voice of the Expert consultancy model.

The subscriptions are divided into four tiers so that every tech provider can find a subscription that meets their needs, whatever their current market penetration level.This is beneficial to all solution providers, regardless of their current level of market penetration.

Ralph Melis Co-Founder & Managing Partner

How does the platform stand out from its competitors if any? 

ExploreTECH is the only platform of its kind to use both English and Arabic comprehensively throughout, and so reaches a wider audience than any other. Simultaneously, ExploreTECH positions itself as a trustworthy and objective source of key technology insights. Using our subject matter expertise, we also enable buyers to more comprehensively understand how technology solutions can assist them in the formation of long-term strategies to improve business processes and profitability.

Tell us about what sorts of consultancy services ExploreTECH offers its customers

On the ExploreTECH platform, you can receive genuine subject matter advice on a variety of subjects, enabling a new kind of digital strategy development for users and technology providers alike. In addition, by lending the voice of the expert that ExploreTECH has developed with subject matter specialists, tech providers will be able to use our advice and expertise to enhance their go-to-market strategy, benefit from increased brand awareness and grow their target audience.

Here are some of the topics that enterprises can select from to receive advisory services from our experts:

  • Travel distribution contracts and growing direct channels
  • Benchmarking and comparing corporate booking tools in travel
  • Strategies on how to work with metasearch in travel
  • Better retailing for travel agencies and travel management companies
  • Infrastructure technology design
  • Hotel pre-opening and re-flagging,
  • Hospitality distribution and technology, and more

Discuss the growing reliance of hospitality and travel industries on technology in the coming years 

Technology adoption had been important for many years, but the global pandemic only accelerated the inevitable and pushed it to the forefront of business management. Suddenly, businesses were being forced to adapt new touchless technologies, add new revenue streams and monitoring systems. Remote working and distributed teams used to be the exception but they are now almost business as usual for many.

Even when businesses do embrace new technology, they still face several challenges which a difficult to overcome without expert insight. In terms of adopting new technology, or enhancing the existing technology stack of a business, there is a different skill set required between initiators and operators, and this is often neglected. This leads to underutilization of the investment made or simply a wrong deployment

We want to see technology adoption and digital transformation improve significantly in a region that until today has proven to be resilient to the impact of the pandemic.

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