AI Everywhere


Wish everyone an excellent start to the new year and big success throughout the year!

Each year starts with new hopes and proceeds with explorations of fresh opportunities; some are continued from the past year(s). For The Integrator, co-publications, and JNS Media International, it is a year of bigger adventures and smarter outcomes.

As everyone knows, we are hosting MENA’s largest partnership-based initiative, named “SME Champions,” for business enterprises, manufacturers, financial service providers, and logistic solution providers, besides repeating our successful award ceremonies. By incorporating Golf tournaments, networking programs, gala awards, lead-gen activities, and publications, the year-round partnership initiative would establish the biggest winning streak for its investors.

The Integrator’s January edition analyses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and how they impact major industries, including financial, healthcare, logistics, hospitality, and education. With a detailed cover story, exclusive interviews, and columns, we comprehensively attended every aspect of AI and ML in the issue. Besides the holistic approach, the study of the nitty-gritty of AI would certainly help businesses adopt modern technology appropriately.

The Integrator’s February edition is reaching the next milestone in success as it is our 100th edition, which gives insights into cybersecurity. Join us to celebrate the moment and take advantage of getting your services, solutions, or views featured in it!

Happy reading!

Murali Margassery
Assistant Editor