ASBIS Prepares to Achieve 20 Percent Growth in 2021


ASBIS is one of the leading IT distributors in the middle east. It supplies a wide range of IT solutions including networking infrastructure, software and security, and printing and business solutions. Hesham Tantawi, Vice President- MENA, ASBIS Middle East, speaks about the company’s strategic focus for 2021 and its strength.

ASBIS Middle East recently won the “Distributor of the Year Award” in ICT Champions, how do you feel?

This award means a lot to us. It brings happiness and more responsibility to give our level best to our customers. This award is a tribute to excellence and innovation, that brings together the best minds in the company for inspirational debates towards our vision.

What is the 2021 market outlook for ASBIS? As a distributor, what are your key strategic focus areas this year?

Hesham Tantawi, Vice President, ASBIS Middle East

We noticed a huge growth in gaming, VAD, and PC computing in recent years, even before COVID-19. With this steady growth, the industry is catching up and has even passed the other technology industries.

For over 22 years, ASBIS Middle East (ME) is practicing in the best way to convert the industry’s situation into opportunities and grab them quickly with actions. ASBIS ME is a distributor of leading brands like AMD, Intel, Sapphire, AFOX, Seagate, Supermicro, Western Digital, TP-Link, Logitech, and a few more will come into the portfolio soon.

This year ASBIS ME is aiming for a 20 percent growth compared to the predicted market growth of 8 percent and we get there with a clear reason that is, ASBIS does business scientifically.

Simplification of technology adoption has always remained a key ask for organizations. How does ASBIS align with this need?

We focus on the research of the product or the technology we wish to implement, and we assure ourselves that we are picking the best one according to the needs and circumstances, and then we work hard on educating team members and our partners and give them early access to the new technology. We also focus on customers mapping and alignment with key partners in ease of information and their growth.

What are the new digital transformation trends you foresee in 2021? How do you capitalize on the opportunities this changing market has created?

Behind every digital transformation is a team of people who make it happen. We have worked with a lot of technology tools and know the pros and cons of each in driving digital transformation. We are glad that we have the best team who took the right decisions in past, using IT4 Profit System. Similarly, we give training to team members and partners and that’s why for us today is the best time for business as per the company’s vision.

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