Businesses Going Digital and Embracing Sustainability with Pagero


In an exclusive interview with the Integrator, Pagero’s Chief Product Officer, Gustav Dahllöf, discusses their mission to become the world’s largest open business network, simplifying the buying and selling process. They are revolutionizing invoicing processes with innovative solutions, boosting operational efficiency, and cost savings. Moreover, Pagero is leading the way to a paperless, greener, and more sustainable business world!

How does Pagero help companies go digital, and what are your offerings?

The core concept of Pagero is to make buying and selling easier. Digitalisation trends are changing the way companies and consumers want to do business, with expectations growing every day in terms of efficiency and reliability. That is why we have designed Pagero to be a cloud-first, open business network where buyers and suppliers can exchange business documents such as invoices, orders, and confirmations, in compliance with regulations set by the tax authorities in the 140+ countries where our clients do business.

At Pagero, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions that align with current industry requirements. One of our main offerings is our e-Invoicing solution, empowering organizations to streamline their invoicing processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve cost savings. Furthermore, we have solutions that expand these digitalization efforts towards the full Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes. In addition, we offer a wide range of value-added services, including e-archiving, e-payment, business intelligence, validation, and enrichment services. Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as the world’s largest smart, open business network – making buying and selling easy!


Tell me about Pagero’s e-invoicing platform and how does it streamline invoicing and improves efficiency.

Pagero’s e-invoicing platform is a cutting-edge digital solution designed to optimize and simplify the invoicing process for businesses. By enabling seamless electronic transmission of invoices between suppliers and buyers, the platform eliminates the need for manual paper-based invoicing, reducing processing time and errors significantly.

The key advantages for businesses in adopting e-invoicing include:

  • Enhanced accuracy and data integrity
  • Faster invoice delivery
  • Reduced administrative costs

With streamlined invoicing procedures, businesses can experience improved cash flow due to faster payment cycles and reduced payment delays, ultimately fostering better relationships with trading partners.

How does Pagero promote environmentally friendly business practices beyond e-invoicing? What initiatives have you taken to provide a sustainable business ecosystem?

Beyond our core e-invoicing services, we actively promote and support environmentally friendly business practices through several initiatives and features aimed at reducing environmental impact. Our commitment to paperless document management encourages companies to transition to digital solutions, saving trees and reducing carbon emissions linked to paper production and transportation.

Additionally, we provide an environmental dashboard free of charge to all customers, allowing them to track the environmental savings achieved by switching from paper to electronic processes. Our dedication lies in creating a greener and more sustainable business world!

How does Pagero’s platform accommodate businesses of different sizes and industries?

Our platform is designed to offer seamless scalability and integration, making it suitable for businesses of varying sizes and industries. Its flexible architecture allows it to handle both small businesses with limited transaction volumes and large enterprises processing a high volume of transactions. For small businesses, Pagero provides a straightforward onboarding process and user-friendly interfaces that require minimal technical expertise.

As companies grow, Pagero’s platform can effortlessly accommodate increased transaction volumes and more complex workflows without compromising on performance or efficiency. Moreover, Pagero’s integration capabilities enable it to seamlessly connect with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, financial software, and other essential business tools, ensuring smooth data exchange and reducing manual intervention.

How does Pagero ensure compliance and legal certainty on their platform, and what steps are taken to minimize the risk of non-compliance?

Our platform is designed with security and data protection in mind, employing encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Pagero conducts regular audits and assessments, both internally and by third-party experts, to ensure adherence to compliance standards. To minimize the risk of non-compliance, we implement strict internal controls and governance frameworks. Additionally, Pagero provides comprehensive training and support to our users, ensuring they understand and follow compliance guidelines.

How does Pagero’s reporting and analytics tools help companies optimize workflows and make informed decisions with improved data visibility??

Pagero’s reporting and analytics platform play a crucial role in enhancing data visibility for companies. By providing comprehensive insights and real-time data analysis, these tools enable businesses to gain a deep understanding of their operations, identify trends, and pinpoint potential inefficiencies. Leveraging this information, companies can optimize their workflows by streamlining processes, automating repetitive tasks, and improving collaboration among teams and partners. Furthermore, the data-driven insights facilitate informed decision-making, allowing organizations to make strategic choices based on accurate, up-to-date information. This leads to improved productivity, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance, ultimately fostering a competitive advantage in the market and driving business growth.

What are Pagero’s plans for expansion and partnerships in 2023 and beyond?

We have certain exciting plans for significant expansion and strategic partnerships in response to the rapidly evolving global landscape. With the increasing adoption of e-invoice mandates across the GCC and the world, and the growing trend of digitalizing business processes, Pagero is positioned to lead the way in this transformation. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to enhance our technological capabilities and broaden our reach. Our goal is to build the world’s largest open business network, empowering businesses with innovative solutions that can facilitate seamless digital transactions and drive economic growth.