D-Link Drives Digital Transformation for Business Success and Innovation


What are the key drivers of digital transformation in the UAE market and how is D- Link actively participating in this?

The UAE is a digital trailblazer and a digital visionary. One of the biggest factors that is driving digital transformation in the Emirate is the focus on e-governance. This is leading to excellent automated and 24/7 services all contributing to making citizens’ and residents’ lives seamless and efficient. The UAE proactively embraces new technologies and implements strategies such as the recent Digital Economy strategy.

Another factor driving DX in the country is the increasing appetite for advanced technologies and evolving customer demands.


D-Link has been at the forefront of understanding these evolving customer demands and staying ahead of the curve by offering pioneering solutions. We are aligned with the vision of the UAE, and we are helping customers move into the cloud-led age. We have cloud-first and AI-integrated products and solutions in our portfolio, which lays the foundation for organizations’ digital future.


What are the major challenges faced by you in the UAE when implementing digital transformation strategies?


Some of the challenges to successfully deploying digital transformation all over the world include dealing with legacy systems, the skills gap in advanced tech, and hesitation from stakeholders to embrace digital and new ways of doing things. Increasingly we are observing that these challenges are gradually becoming non-issues as a wider and better understanding of digital transformation takes place in the region.


What are the benefits that D- link is expecting from implementing digital transformation strategies?

The benefits of digital transformation are far and wide. From enhanced efficiency, and higher productivity to reduced operational cost and large-scale automation, digital transformation strategies will completely change the way businesses function for the better. It will offer companies greater levels of agility and flexibility and help to achieve core business objectives without any hassles. Ultimately, it will help with profitability and modernization, two key elements for business continuity.

At D-Link, we are very clear on the advantages digital transformation can bring and we are on a continuous path to educate our partners and customers to make the leap to the future.

Tell us about the products and the services of D- link that will help in enhancing the digital transformation journey of the company.


Digital transformation of companies will be defined by cloud, cybersecurity, connectivity, and AI technologies and all these are integral to D-Link’s portfolio. D-Link AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh routers and extenders are designed to enhance the connectivity and reliability of smart home networks. This cutting-edge mesh Wi-Fi system will be compliant with the latest Matter standard and features a built-in new Wi-Fi 6/6E mesh router that boasts a unique design that balances aesthetics and functionality. With the D-Link mesh Wi-Fi system, users can enjoy up to 7,800 Mbps of lightning-fast tri-band speeds, enhanced coverage, and a smarter, more reliable whole-home Wi-Fi network. The router is equipped with one 2.5 Gbps WAN port and four 1Gbps LAN ports, making it the ideal choice for providing uninterrupted connectivity to gaming consoles, 4K/8K TV streaming, PCs, and other network devices.

D-Link’s latest AQUILA PRO AI series includes six models: the MS78, MS60, MS30, M60, M30, and E30. The AQUILA PRO AI Series Wi-Fi 6/6E Mesh system will be available starting in Q2, 2023.