Freshworks Wants to Offer Excellent Cloud-Based Solutions for MEA Enterprises


Freshworks, an Indian software company, creates cloud-based solutions for businesses. Manish Mishra, Head – Middle East & Africa, Freshworks, interacts with The Integrator on the company’s approach in building and delivering software that is affordable, quick to implement, and designed for the end-user.

What makes the SaaS software provided by Freshworks stand out?

Freshworks ushers in the new era of SaaS. Whereas legacy SaaS software is too fragmented, bloated, and expensive, Freshworks enables companies of all sizes to quickly, easily, and intuitively engage customers and employees – and return more value. Our solutions are built for the end-user, and are therefore simple to deploy, affordable, and designed from the ground up. We are also deeply committed to continuous innovation and this is evidenced by the launch of Freshworks Neo, a modern, flexible and intelligent platform that unifies the user experience and breaks down silos.

Manish Mishra, Head – Middle East & Africa, Freshworks

Tell us about the industry verticals that chose Freshworks products

The SaaS model makes business software available for everyone and at a cost that is value for money. All companies need are computers, browsers, and access to the internet. Also, business software on the cloud is now simple enough for organizations to be set up by themselves without having to go through consultants. Freshworks Customer Experience (CX) and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions are adopted in industry verticals such as retail, e-commerce, BFSI, travel and hospitality, hospitals, educational institutions, manufacturing, logistics, IT, and more.

Speak briefly about the stature of your business in the MEA region and prospects for the next two years

Freshworks has achieved remarkable growth in the MEA region with some of the marquee customers across the Gulf countries, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and Israel. We have thousands of customers in the region, and these organizations are spread across a broad range of verticals. Freshworks is now building on this momentum by investing heavily in MEA and the coming year, we have plans in place to establish a regional presence across MEA to place us even closer to our prospects and customers.

How equipped are your applications when it comes to integrating the latest technologies, such as cloud, AI, API integrations, etc.?

Companies no longer can get away with dictating service mediums that work for them but inconvenience customers. They have to be on channels where customers are and must ensure that business transactions are frictionless. The best example is customer support. What once existed only through telephone lines is quickly becoming passe. Live chats, support on social channels, and even support on WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat are becoming mainstream. Freshworks’ products are intuitive and are built on a platform that accommodates seamless API and AI integration, making it possible to gain accurate predictions, get deeper insights for businesses, reduce operational overheads and improve customer experience.

Detail about the after-sales services and technical support Freshworks offer to its enterprise customers

We offer the same high standard of support irrespective of the size of the customer – SMB or Enterprise, we do our best to delight them. In addition to this, we have worked with our distributors in the MEA to establish a strong and capable pool of channel partners. These organizations have been empowered to deliver high-quality post-sales support so customers can achieve resolution in the shortest possible timeframes.

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