GELLIFY Middle East Launches ‘Luxury Tech CX Observatory’ in Dubai


GELLIFY sets its sights on revolutionizing the luxury industry with the unveiling of its groundbreaking initiative, “the Luxury Tech CX Observatory”. As the region’s luxury market continues to soar at an exponential rate, GELLIFY’s visionary observatory aims to reshape the luxury customer experience by driving technological advancements, providing trend analysis, and exploring future industry shifts.

The newly launched observatory will serve as a dynamic collaborative environment, empowering luxury brands to access invaluable resources, learn from industry experts, and engage with innovative startups. This strategic initiative mirrors GELLIFY’s unwavering mission to guide brands on their digital transformation journeys, enhancing their competitiveness in the ever-evolving luxury sector.

Additionally, the launch of the new initiative also marks the unveiling of GELLIFY’s latest report on luxury market, “The Digital Revolution: Disrupting the Landscape of Luxury’s Future”, offering valuable insights into the complex and ever evolving landscape of luxury market. From the growing importance of sustainability and conscious consumption to the impact of social media on purchase decisions, the report identifies key trends changing the consumer behaviors. The report delves deep into Leadership Culture, Digital Preparedness, Luxury Innovation Factories, Geo-proximity for Customer Insights amongst many other interesting topics,

Customer Data Mastery alongside emerging market trends to state-of-the-art technologies, featuring insights from over 100 leading luxury companies worldwide, the report offers an all-encompassing perspective on the luxury landscape,

Massimo Cannizzo, CEO and Co-founder of GELLIFY Middle East, expressed his excitement about the groundbreaking venture: “At GELLIFY, in a fast-changing luxury customer expectations, we are devoted to driving innovation and reshaping the customer experience by harnessing the potential of advanced technology. Drawing from our rich heritage in Milan, Italy the global epicenter of fashion and luxury, we are extending our deep-rooted expertise to Dubai, a burgeoning hub for luxury brands. This is more than just embracing the latest trends; it’s about scripting a transformative narrative for luxury in the digital age. Dubai, with its growing reputation as a luxury hub, presents the ideal setting for this exciting venture.”

The ‘Luxury Tech CX Observatory’ offers a window into the latest trends and advancements shaping the customer experience, establishing itself as a knowledge hub for luxury brands. Emphasizing its role as a key support pillar in luxury brands’ digital transformation journey, GELLIFY will provide in-depth research, insights, and knowledge-sharing opportunities.