Hybrid Work: Remarkable Resilience in Times of Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge distress in the employment sector. However, it had also paved the way for “hybrid work” a new model in which employees partly work from the office and partly work from remote locations based on productivity requirements.

Although enterprises chose the model for business continuity in the COVID-hit markets, it eventually had become a phenomenon worldwide. The elite videoconferencing has turned out to be a democratic and compulsory collaboration method and a lifeline that keeps human interactions alive.

Outside the corporate world, educators, doctors, attorneys, consultants, scientists, anyone and everyone had embraced new technological products and solutions to continue work and socialize. When workers access office networks from numerous remote locations, security, data protection, and privacy have become major concerns. Consequently, solution providers tailored their services to save networks from infiltration and phishing.

The GITEX Technology Week 2021 held at Dubai World Trade Center in October had witnessed a plethora of solutions and products facilitating hybrid work and online education. The November edition of The Integrator carries a detailed analysis, exclusive interviews, and selected stories on the hybrid work.

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Murali Margassery
Assistant Editor, The Integrator

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