Microsoft Announces New Research and Technology to Empower Millions of Frontline Workers


Microsoft has announced new features in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva designed to serve frontline workers as part of its Work Trend Index Special Report, “Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers.” Emma Williams, Corporate VP at Microsoft claimed, “empowering frontline workers remains essential for digital transformation. Together with our partners, we are equipping frontline workers with tools that allow them to stay connected with their team and company leadership while concentrating on the customer or job at hand.”

In an official press release, the company articulated, the 2 billion frontline workers worldwide represent 80% of the global workforce, with 88% of organizations employing people in frontline roles. Increasingly, companies are investing in digital tools for frontline workers to modernize workflows, enhance job performance, and improve workplace culture and communication. Microsoft has seen 400% growth in monthly active usage of its Teams collaboration platform among frontline workers since March 2020.

The following are the highlights of the report:

  • Microsoft is deepening its strategic relationship with Zebra Technologies Corp., including software and hardware such as rugged Android mobile computers for the frontline workforce. The two companies are delivering the Teams Walkie Talkie app on a wide range of Zebra mobile computers, including a dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button to access Teams Walkie Talkie functionality on Zebra devices
  • Microsoft is enhancing Teams’ integration with Zebra Reflexis, which connects the Reflexis Workforce Management solutions with the Shifts application in Teams
  • The Viva Connections app in Microsoft Teams links frontline workers to company culture, resources and tools, news, and employee resource groups in the flow of work

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