Mimecast Discusses the Latest Solution and its Training Programs


Mimecast provides email management services and software. The Company offers enterprise cloud services for the security, archiving, and management of email, and corporate human-generated data, as well as cloud-based email delivery, backup, security, and archiving solutions.  The Integrator engages with Werno Gevers, the cybersecurity expert at Mimecast.

What is the latest solution that Mimecast is offering to businesses in this region?

The Mimecast X1 Platform was launched in August and is the foundation of the Mimecast Product Suite. Powering fully integrated services that deliver industry-leading protection for communications, people, and data, it makes information actionable and provides the reliability, resilience, and scale that the modern threat landscape demands.

The Mimecast X1 Platform underpins four core innovations designed to mitigate risk and manage complexities, namely:

Mimecast X1 Precision Detection, which is engineered to apply the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to enable the intelligent detection of emerging and unknown threat types. It delivers advanced protection for the top attack vector – email.

Mimecast X1 Service Fabric, which is the cloud-native infrastructure that powers the Mimecast Product Suite. It allows customers to grow securely and seamlessly and uncover user insights that can accelerate detection and response.

Mimecast X1 Data Analytics, is built with one primary goal in mind: making information actionable for customers. It provides a platform for ingesting, correlating, and querying the mass volumes of data that Mimecast generates.

Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH), provides an API gateway that enables third-party integrations of all kinds, delivering full extensibility and allowing threat data, policies, and practices to be applied or shared programmatically with other security and data solutions.

What makes Mimecast’s Email Security Solution the best in the industry, and how different is it from other providers of the same?

Email is the open door through which nearly all vital business communication flows — and the threat vector through which virtually all cyberattacks begin. Email security must protect organizations against all the email attacks criminals have honed.

Mimecast’s best-in-class email security helps organizations protect their email communication by offering state-of-the-art Targeted Threat Protection, proactive safeguards for company brands and their supply chains, an unmatched portfolio of open APIs and pre-built integrations, as well as effective awareness training that helps employees make fewer risky mistakes.

In the face of increased ransomware and cyberattacks, what types of businesses is Mimecast targeting? SMEs or large companies?

The Mimecast product suite is designed to help organizations solve their cybersecurity and business challenges, with a plan that fits any organization’s needs. While some of our plans – such as our Cloud Gateway plan – are designed for companies with a minimum of 100 users, smaller organizations are able to access a configuration plan that suits their needs.

What is so unique about Mimecast’s security awareness training programs? 

Avoidable human error contributes to 90% of all cybersecurity breaches. No security strategy can succeed if it doesn’t help human beings make good choices when it matters most. That’s why Mimecast reinvented awareness training from the ground up using insights from real educators to ensure employees make good choices when it matters most. Mimecast Security Awareness Training offers a fun, quick, and ongoing way to equip employees with the knowledge to avoid costly mistakes and strengthen the human firewall.

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