Netskope is Redefining Cloud, Data, and Network Security to Help Organizations


Netskope, a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply Zero Trust principles to protect data. Jonathan Mepsted, VP of Sales – Middle East, the UK, and Africa at Netskope speaks about its latest enterprise solutions.

Speak about the latest solutions Netskope offers to SMEs and large enterprises

Organizations have fundamentally changed in recent years, and they are not alone… malicious actors are changing too, both using and targeting the cloud, taking advantage of growing digital trust.  With a divergence of working models and IT infrastructure (SaaS, private cloud, web, private apps) the number of attack surfaces to protect has grown, but organizations cannot just keep adding costs and resources – it is time to consolidate and integrate. Netskope is a global cybersecurity leader, and we are redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply zero-trust principles to protect data wherever it goes – in the cloud, on the web, in private applications, and even onto endpoint devices.

What are the key products or solutions you are presenting at the GITEX 2022?

At GITEX 2022 we are showcasing our newly completed SASE architecture, which brings together our market-leading Intelligent SSE, IoT Security, and Borderless SD-WAN to deliver a modern cloud security stack with unified capabilities for data and threat protection and reliable network connectivity for every site, application, the user or IoT device. We will be exhibiting jointly with our global alliance partner Mimecast, showcasing how combining our solutions allows omnichannel in-depth defense against threats and risks.

Tell us about Netskope’s business goals for the remainder of 2022 and plans for 2023

This year Netskope’s NewEdge infrastructure became the most well-connected security network in the world, including the addition of five new data centers in the Middle East. These data centers help support security and network transformation for local customers across a variety of sectors including energy, telco, and finance. With a newly expanded local Gulf team, our goal is to support even more businesses within the region, ensuring they know about the full extent and capabilities of our platform.

Jonathan Mepsted, VP of Sales – Middle East, the UK, and Africa at Netskope

This summer we announced two initiatives that give a good guide to the evolution of the Netskope platform. First, Netskope launched endpoint data protection (eDLP), with a pathway to move beyond traditional office endpoints (printers, CCTV, etc) into broader IOT and OT, demonstrating our commitment to protect data, regardless of where it goes. Following that, we announced our acquisition of Infiot to bring Borderless SD-WAN into our product alongside SSE. This acquisition makes Netskope one of the very few companies able to deliver a single vendor SASE solution.

How do you distinguish between Netskope and its competitors in offering cyber protection?

Our unique investment in our NewEdge infrastructure in both the UAE and KSA allows us to specifically help with this conundrum, securing the path to cloud for the middle east.

We are recognized by Gartner and others as leading the market with our vision of cloud-native, data-centric security, SASE, SSE, and SD-WAN.  We help organizations turn security into an enabler for growth – addressing today’s data protection, cloud data processing, and security challenges and creating a security posture that allows the organization to embrace innovation and growth.