ODATiO Manages All Major Functions of the Supply Chain Business


Savoye is a global provider of supply chain solutions and it has recently launched ODATiO, a supply chain execution software. It combines a warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS) to provide seamless and efficient supply chain management as well as its JIVARO packing machine that adjusts the carton to the contents leading to a reduction in shipments. Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director, Savoye Middle East discusses its competencies with The Integrator

Tell us a bit about how ODATiO and how well is the software solution aligned to the automation scopes of the supply-chain process.

ODATiO is our response to the need of logistics organizations across the globe to become more flexible to meet the demands of a changing market.  It is a software application designed to manage all major functions of the supply chain business. It can manage the multiple functions of a software system, including warehouse and transport management systems.

Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director, Savoye Middle East

ODATiO enables supply chains to deploy their software solutions across multiple sites in an optimized, rapid, and repeatable manner. It combines transport management systems with warehouse management software, thereby allowing supply chains to utilize just one software program for their different operations. In addition, ODATiO simplifies work processes and tasks, helps prevent human errors, accurately collects, and calculates data, and saves time.

We continuously update our ODATiO application to include new standard modules. It now comprises a customizable scheduling cockpit, which provides complete visibility of warehouse and transportation activities. Through our software, companies can enjoy higher flexibility in configuration, greater autonomy in processes, and more seamless data interoperability.

Are there any user-specific features in ODATiO?

Another unique feature of ODATiO is its business rules engine, which is completely configurable by users. Through this tool, you can autonomously create and modify your management rules without limitations on the number of settings and despite not having any technical experience. As business and management change over time, you can accordingly modify, add, or delete your rules using ODATiO.

ODATiO is a 100 percent, highly responsive web-based solution that is accessible via any screen, tablet, smartphone, or operator terminal.

How does ODATiO replace the conventional supply chain tasks reducing carbon footprint?

Supply chains need to have efficient transportation and warehouse management to minimize carbon emissions of operations. Through ODATiO, we have developed a seamless synergy between our Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS). As an eco-friendly transport management solution, the software helps eliminate unnecessary mileage and prevent empty returns through route optimization, grouping functions, and more.

ODATiO also has warehouse management features such as a pre-cubing system, which optimizes the filling of shipping boxes to eliminate unnecessary package spaces. Moreover, the system assigns movement orders to operators who are looking to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles on the platform.