Reskilling on the digital transformation journey


There is a need for the channel to look at re-skilling as digital transformation initiatives gather speed. Every year at GITEX Technology week, we get to see some of those technologies that are transformational in nature. This year’s event could have a larger focus on some of these technologies that are spearheading digital transformational in nature.

The companies that put faith in keeping up with constant training for their technical and consulting teams will be better placed to win vendor and customer confidence as they engage with each other over possible opportunities and leads in such emerging opportunities. Partners have to innovate more, go to market faster and connect with the right customers at the right time and having well qualified resources will help go to market without any delays.

In numerous conversations with senior industry people, the scarcity of right skills has come up. They believe there is huge skill gap and there is an urgent need to bridge the gulf. With the domains of security, computing infrastructure etc undergoing massive shifts, influenced by changing paradigms including cloud, IoT etc, there is an imminent need for reskilling and adding more relevant capabilities. While those who are already have been in technical roles need to keep adding new skills and certifications in emerging technologies, those looking for similar roles will have to choose wisely and quickly from various certifications available.

While automation and other new processes may make some of the job functions we have known redundant, new roles are opening up. As an industry veteran says, there is an emerging need for data scientists, to remote operators, to application developers as the IoT era emerges into the mainstream. He believes ‘there will be a worldwide scramble for IoT-capable workers’. Similar would be the case for resources who are quite up to speed on the most advanced technologies in security for instance as cybersecurity concerns are of  paramount importance in an era of quite vicious cybercrime. And companies who keep the most capable teams in terms of resources will always emerge the winners.

Partners must look at technologies that enables to help lower costs, improve productivity, increase revenue, and improve benefits for the public and private sector. Open architecture apps and technology solutions such as mobility, security, cloud computing, virtualization, collaboration, IoT  are going mainstream and everyday phenomena. As we gear up for yet another edition of GITEX Technology week, we can anticipate some further advances that companies have made their domains. the partner ecosystems will need to keep up with those advancements in order to stay competent to fulfill customer expectations.