[EDITORIAL] Restoring the “Care” in Healthcare


Dr. Eric Topol, Cardiologist, Director of Scripps Research Translational Institute, once said, “what I am most excited about artificial intelligence (AI) is using the future to bring back the past: to restore the care in healthcare. But it will require substantial activism of the medical community to stand up for patients and not allow further upending the erosion of the doctor-patient relationship.”

Such observations eventually invite the judicious attention of the medical community to investigate and resolve the reeling issues in the sector. Whilst endorsing such important observations, The Integrator’s July issue explains several technological achievements in healthcare. As the intelligence of computer programs is used alongside the judgments of doctors and medical professionals, more certain diagnoses and treatments can be offered to patients. Similarly, the prediction of diseases (heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, etc.) helps medical practitioners give effective advice to people. If AI alone manages to create such buzz in the healthcare sector, the combination of disruptive technologies, including extended reality (VR, AR), AI, robotics, digital health, and metaverse in the sector would change our perspective on patient care.

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Murali Margassery
Assistant Editor